Time to Tip The Scales! Fire Emblem Awakening’s Robin and Lucina Join Super Smash Bros.!

Well, I guess it WAS worth it to wake up early in the morning (as I usually do). See kids, the benefits of waking up early!

Anyways, both Robin (both male and female) and Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening (the latest entry in the series) will be playable characters in Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3DS. Not surprisingly, Sakurai makes Robin look like a playable character. Also, so much for FE getting two characters only, or only a third rep. There’s now 4! So yeah, get hype! And uh, hey, if you haven’t played Awakening, go do that.

SSB4 Robin LucinaWill upload more pics throughout the day when I get time…

Update: Characters!


Smash Bros RobinSmash Bros Robin 10 Smash Bros Robin 0 Smash Bros Robin 1 Smash Bros Robin 2 Smash Bros Robin 3 Smash Bros Robin 4 Smash Bros Robin 5 Smash Bros Robin 6 Smash Bros Robin 7 Smash Bros Robin 8 Smash Bros Robin 9Lucina

Smash Bros Lucina Smash Bros Lucina 0 Smash Bros Lucina 1 Smash Bros Lucina 2 Smash Bros Lucina 3 Smash Bros Lucina 4 Smash Bros Lucina 5 Smash Bros Lucina 6 Smash Bros Lucina 7 Smash Bros Lucina 8 Smash Bros Lucina 9


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24 thoughts on “Time to Tip The Scales! Fire Emblem Awakening’s Robin and Lucina Join Super Smash Bros.!

  1. Who says Sakurai doesn’t listen to fans? He sure listened to me, after some death threats of course. Thanks for not putting Chrom in. You just made a profit of about 40 dollars.

  2. Anybody else notice that the trailer spoils the fact that Chrom and Lucina are related for anyone who hasn’t played the game?

  3. Robin’s reveal made me ecstatic! I was so happy he made it in. I thought he didn’t have a chance against Chrom or Lucina, and when Lucina showed up in the trailer I thought that was it, but nope Robin upstages CAPTAIN FALCON of all people! For a long time, I had to argue my case against others on the internet as to why Robin is the better choice, and they’d always tell me how wrong I was, or how he can’t be in because he’s an avatar (um… Villager?), or that I was in denial and couldn’t accept that Chrom is guarenteed, which makes the victory even sweeter when not only did Robin make it in, but Chrom getting disconfirmed. At last, a character from my Most Wanted list made it in, and I think he’ll even be my main (sorry Rosalina)!

    Lucina being a clone instead of Marth’s alt like Sakurai originally planned annoys me greatly though.

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