10 Questions About Fire Emblem, All of Them Answered By Walters!

I guess this is my questions face.

I’m back. Well, not really. I just got settled into my hours at work, but as long as I schedule myself, stick to my schedule, and get good sleep, we should be good to go. Though I have to come up with some new content for the site in the next few days. Well, I have an idea at least.

I’ll explain it in this question segment! While I was gone, there were burning questions involving Fire Emblem, Robin and Lucina, and other video game stuff that I’d like to answer. Let’s get to that!

Q1: So Walters, how was work?


Q2: Walters, what the hell are you planning in the next few weeks regarding FE? You haven’t written anything about it aside from Smash Bros shit!

A: Quite honestly, I don’t know too much just yet, just have an idea. I’ve been busy with my other site that shall not be named, and now I got work. And despite me getting a job, the job I’m at is hopefully a stop gap for a month or two. But whatever the case, I need to find time. So I probably will aim to post once or twice a week.

What is that idea you have in mind you ask? It involves Fire Emblem Awakening! Yes, it makes perfect sense to explore that world a bit further now that Lucina and Robin were announced for Smash Bros 4. Speaking of Lucina and Robin…

Q3: What has been the biggest surprise regarding Robin and Lucina being announced for Smash 4?

A: …That this means we have 4 FE reps? I mean FE has a good history in JP, but elsewhere, not really compared to some of the other franchises. This doesn’t mean it’s still huge, but overall, I can dig it.

Well, the biggest surprise is that people claimed they’d cancel their pre-orders of Smash because these characters were in the game.

…Like, what do I even say to that?

Q4: What’s your official stance on everyone hating/annoyed/disliking Lucina’s inclusion as a clone character in Smash 4?

A: I wish I was young enough to care so hard about this issue, but I’m not, and I don’t really care that Lucina’s in as a clone. I’m not even sure when it was speculated that it was a bad thing that clones existed in the Smash games and Sakurai would get rid of them. Last I checked, the Smash games weren’t supposed to be a game where we take it seriously like every other fighting game in existence. You were supposed to have a shit ton of fun, use items haphazardly, and fight on some of the worst stages ever. But overall laughing was an order. I guess since we have competition and stuff like that, it’s changed how we view Smash. That kind of sucks.

Q5: Do you think this is it for Fire Emblem characters in Smash?

A: It better be or else everyone will cancel their pre-orders and internet riot–

Honestly, I think that’s it. The only justification for another FE character is if it’s one that specifically just does magic. *looks at Micaiah and Tharja* But I’m satisfied with what we have.

Q6: Why does everyone think Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem is canceled?

A: 1) Because it’s on the WiiU, which has been a failure of a system so far 2) Because it’s two series that probably should have been on the 3DS 3) Because Atlus is a part of this 4) We only have that teaser that showed nothing but character art.

But those reasons are not concerns. Yet. It hasn’t been a full two years since the trailer was shown last year. There’s still a potential Nintendo Direct that might showcase it, and there’s the Tokyo Game Show in September. There’s still enough opportunities to reveal some more information about this crazy crossover that I already pegged as getting released in 2015 anyways. So…this is too early to push the panic button. I mean there are still people who haven’t done that yet for The Last Guardian.

Q7: It’s been two years since a new FE! What’s going on?

A. You’re right. So far the franchise has been consistent with its releases in JP:

2002: Binding Blade
2003: Blazing Sword
2004: Sacred Stones
2005: Path of Radiance
2007: Radiant Dawn
2008: Shadow Dragon
2010: Shin Monshou no Nazo
2012: Awakening
2014: ????

I mean I guess Intelligent Systems could be well deep into working on SMT x FE. They also are working on new IP Codename: Steam (should we expect that to be a stage in Smash? Meh, it’s coming out next year, so maybe not.). So I guess they’re busy. But it’s weird to not have a FE game come out in this time. Unless Nintendo does a Nintendo Direct and announces they’re remaking Binding Blade for the 3DS. Or…Genealogy of The Holy War. You know, that game.

Q8: What should be the next game in the FE series? A sequel to Awakening, a brand new game, a remake, or something out of left field?

A: You mean…SMT x FE?!? *badumptish* Oh, wait, no, that’s already known. You mean…a Fire Emblem fighting game developed by Namco Bandai!?? Yeah, THAT would be out of left field.

But so was Pokemon Conquest so…

Anyways in all seriousness, the mind says it’s time to have a Fire Emblem original game starring on the Wii U. If Nintendo is smart though they should probably do a sequel to Awakening. They have characters that will be seen in Smash 4, they’ll have a Amiibo of Masked Marth A.K.A Lucina, they’d basically continue the hype train by doing another sequel. Unless they fix pair-up, actually take care of the story, and give those characters feet, I don’t know if I want an Awakening sequel. That may be because I don’t know where they should take it. But I guess we’ll see.

Q9: What’s your email address so I can yell at you?

A: Waltersfe at yahoo dot com.

Q10: What are your thoughts on this article you tweeted?

MAN, I wish I had the time to do what these guys do and tweet overly horrible things to people. But that not only sounds like work, it sounds REALLY boring. Really stupid too. Also, this is a good testament to how Twitter has failed horribly since it does allow horrible people on their platform. Or just trolls.

Trolls are the way of life 😀

Anyways, that’s it for now. I need to go plan stuff.


About Walters

Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

23 thoughts on “10 Questions About Fire Emblem, All of Them Answered By Walters!

  1. I don’t think I want a FE:A sequel but I think if Nintendo/IS wanted it to sell it’d still be better to put that one on the 3DS since the fanbase is there. I do think the next FE should be an original on WiiU even though I don’t own a WiiU.

    Also I’m working on my 3rd FE game, Path of Radiance (my brother had a copy of it that I didn’t know about, go figure). Assuming that the sequel was also good, I can start to understand why some people are so disappointed in Awakening, especially its story. I mean, I also didn’t think Awakening had a good story but I guess judging it against Sacred Stones didn’t make me see just how interesting/good a FE game’s plot/chars could be.

    • The sequel to Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, is…conflicting. Though I know some dismiss it because of the story and its difficulty curve (among other things), I played that game a lot more then PoR. Not that it means anything…

    • You realize it only when you play the others. Yeah. The sequel was unnecessary, so if you find yourself satisfied with FE9’s ending, then don’t play it.

      Or go ahead, I guess. You may like it. It’s not Awakening so I’ll vouch for it.

  2. It pisses me off when people bitch about Lucina being a Marth clone. ” Oh I don’t want to play as another Marth, oh the developers are being lazy, etc.” SHE WAS A GODDAMN CLONE TO BEGIN WITH IF YOU PLAYED THE DAMN GAME, YOU INEPT KEYBOARD-STALKERS

    • Not really, and I say this as someone who played through the entire game. In Chapter 4’s cutscene, Chrom notices how Lucina’s fighting style is just like his, even though she’s disguised as “Marth” at this point. So unless Chrom’s fighting style is like Marth’s, no, it actually doesn’t make sense.

      • …Except Masked Marth was intended to invoke that feeling of Marth in Awakening, or aspire to be like Marth, so it can make sense to have her be a Marth clone.

        And yeah, we don’t know what Chrom’s fighting style is, though I’ve seen some that says he’d be something similar to Ike. Who knows.

        • I meant it as if you compare the Marth from the DlCs to Lucina, in-game wise, they are identical, both in outfits and moves. Within the story/cutscenes, there is a obvious difference.

          • Well, if you put it that way, it makes more sense then. I was just annoyed since you said anyone who disliked her being a clone was “an inept keyboard stalker”.

        • Maybe it’s just because I’ve heard plenty of people say it before,but I imagine his fighting style would be the “middle” one. Like the average between Marth and Ike.

        • It is though. Sakurai even said that when he was making Melee he had the choice between King Dedede or six clones, and chose the later because he wanted a bigger roster.

  3. “I guess since we have competition and stuff like that, it’s changed how we view Smash. That kind of sucks.”

    Actually, most competitive players don’t even hate clones. In fact, since they analyse every little detail, you they usually find clones “different” enough.

    And it is a bad thing. Why have characters who copy after other characters when you could have someone unique. Why make Ganondorf a clone when you could give him moves based on stuff he could actually do in Zelda games? Why not give Toon Link the Skull Hammer and Deku Leaf? Why can’t Wolf use different kinds of guns from Star Fox Assault. Clones just represent wasted potential. And that’s why I hate them.

    The worst part is that Sakurai planned to make her Marth’s alternate costume instead of a clone, and that would have worked just fine. Before Lucina, it looked like for once Sakurai had finally stopped making new clones, and that would have been great.

    • I guess it must be a bad thing since EVERYONE complains about it and says they won’t buy the game because there are clones.

      It’s just a waste of effort to complain about them. While some won’t buy the game because of clones, some will buy it regardless. And then eventually they’ll main those clones because there are enough differences (Toon Link I main over Link for example) compared to the other character that fits their play style. And they were the ones that whined in the first place. The only thing that’ll matter in the end is if the game is fun as hell, whether there are 10 clones out of 50 or not. Life is too short to be whining about little stuff like this. And yes, clones is very little on my care scale. Could there be more “unique” movesets? Maybe? I’m personally indifferent either way. But it happened, sit on it for a day, say your piece, and that’s it. Why whine about it weeks later?

      I thought that was the best part. Instead of keeping it to 3 FE characters, we get 3 and a half. I’ll still play the Marth clone 🙂

      • “While some won’t buy the game because of clones, some will buy it regardless. And then eventually they’ll main those clones because there are enough differences…”

        As a recent example, for the arcade edition of BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, they altered one character by taking half of her moveset and giving it to a new character. People have been bitching and moaning about it, but give it a while and they’ll be maining that character just like all of the others.

      • “Toon Link I main over Link for example”

        So do I, but that shows off another flaw of clones. Toon Link is pretty much superior to Link in almost everyway, to the point where he was redundant in Brawl. If Toon Link wasn’t a clone, Link wouldn’t be redundant. He’d still be weak, but at least there wouldn’t be a character who is much better at doing the same thing.

  4. I look around the internet and see people are finally getting level headed about this game, and especially that story.

    Good. I beat them by like, two years. I’m like, totally hip and cool now or something.

    Anyway. Saku-saku pointed out that Lucina is Marth in easy mode in this game. There is the “sweet spot” sword that Marth has that is geared to the more “hard core,’ where as Lucina has the standard “all around” sword and stuff. It was on those articles you re-blogged.

    But I’m sure you’ve met J.D. Entitlement, give him a clone, give him a character, give him anything, he’ll still fucking hate you and demand more. What a fan.

    Next FE game? How about none.

    Yeah. Fuck you Fire Emblem. Give me like. Femblem, a game about a medallion that makes men into women and they have to dance with rabbits on a new moon with some porno-jazz. Or something. It’d still have a better story than Awakening.

      • Maybe it’s flawed story-wise, but I thought Awakening was awesome gameplay-wise. Or maybe I’m just biased since it’s my first and only FE game.

        If I have any gripes, it’s that they didn’t place a “check” to see how many supports you had at the end. They said if your bonds are stong enough, you’d survive killing Grima, but since you always come back after the credits, it just makes Chrom delivering the final blow ultimately pointless.

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