Ask Your Questions About Fire Emblem

Let this be the general center for any Fire Emblem question you may have. Whether it has anything do with the games, the creators, etc, ask and you shall get your answers. Just a note:

1) Here’s a decent guide to get you started:

2) Youuuu…probably don’t want to ask me questions about Fire Emblem games that have never come to the states. Except Shin Monshou No Nazo. Outside of that I only know vague info on all the FE games released in JP. So you can ask your question, but you should hope someone else answers.

3) I’ll try and answer any questions in a timely matter, but I may not be around so…yeah.

Outside of that, whatever you have is fair game. Now here’s my game face:

Sigurd crazyAsk away.


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Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

11 thoughts on “Ask Your Questions About Fire Emblem

    • 1) The first Fire Emblem game was inspired by Famicom Wars, an SRPG that you could closely associate with the Advance Wars franchise. They basically took some of that and combined RPG elements (characters, leveling up, etc) and added permadeath into one game. And thus was born Fire Emblem for the Famicom. And thus, was born the FE franchise.

      2) I think all that info is classified, since I don’t know what they dreaming before starting the production! But, I guess they were hoping to showcase a unique spin on RPGs since at the time it didn’t have this type of playstyle/combination at the time.

      • Ah! Famicom Wars! That makes a lot of sense.

        Too bad, I was curious to know if one of the programmers dreamt of accepting to eat the worlds largest hamburger but regretting the decision when he saw how huge it really was, feeling intimidated by it. That’d be a great dream.

  1. In Awakening, I’ve paired up most of my characters that can have kids. I still haven’t paired myself with anyone. There’s two choices I had in mind: Cordelia or Say’ri.

    Since on I’m on Normal/Newcomer (it’s my first file), stats don’t matter to me. I only care about the supports. Does Robin have better supports with Cordelia or Say’ri? Does Severa make a good sibling (support convo wise) to Morgan/daughter to Robin? Does Morgan look better with Say’ri or Cordelia’s hair colour?

    FYI, if I pair myself with Say’ri, Cordelia will be paired with Gaius. Does Severa look weird with Gaius’ hair colour?

    • I believe Cordelia does. Say’ri’s kind of limited in the notion she doesn’t have a lot of people to support her with. I.e, you can get a bit more bang with your buck by marrying Cordelia.

      As for support interactions, I personally like most of those so I’ll just tell you you’re asking the wrong person haha. And no, Severa doesn’t look weird.

    • See, if it was a normal situation, it’s just human reaction. Getting attacked by anything sharp coming at what was probably a decent speed will more often than not make you do silly things. Like think about turning around and using your back to protect yourself.

      But the only reason Chrom did it is because he truly has no brain. That is all.

      • No, a normal human reaction for something sharp flying at you is to jump the hell out of the way. Chrom on the other hand, he thinks his always flowing cape (even indoors -_-) will stop them. Or that mostly useless shoulder pad thing.

  2. What is the deal with Morgan? We can’t know much about her past (speak of daughter becuase I have a Male MU) because of her amnesia. Why did she lost her memory?
    In the original timeline (where the parents died because of Grima and the Children back to the past) she was evil too? In that case how she managed to back to the past with the other children? In wiki just said that Morgan was saved by Naga
    Now, I’ve seen theories that the Morgan who came from the future with his memories lost is the Morgan of the ‘Future Past’ timeline (where the children don’t back to the past and face Grima instead). Theories said that Grima punish her erasing his memories and sending her to and alternate world?

    I wish a DLC who explains more about the past of Morgan, because is a little sad that she/he is put outside at the end of the DLC of Future Past.

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