Attempting To Get My Bearings Together

Super-Smash-bros-robin 1…Whoooooooo.

Yes, it’s sure been a while since I’ve written anything new here. I guess it’s not much of a shock. When you don’t keep a strong order to things, and work’s been crazy (had to take over someone’s hours because lol short staffed baby!), some things have to get dropped. I never actually set out to update this blog every day, and well, it’s totally coming to fruition now!

Well, whatever the case, my unexpected hours have been taken, so I’ll be back to working normally soon. I have some big stuff to do for the other site out there in the interwebz that I write for, so I’ll still be quite busy, but I do wanna get something written here. It’ll mostly be about Smash, which has been a lot of fun, and maybe something on SMT x FE, as there’s no updates at all on its status. I guess we’ll see.

Anyways, what’s been going on? I know there’s that disgusting gamer gate thing taking place. Do we even remember how it got started? No? Yeah, kinda glad I’ve been avoiding getting too deeply into games…


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Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

13 thoughts on “Attempting To Get My Bearings Together

    • It’s super fun, though I don’t know how much of it I’ll be playing aside from Smash Run when I use all of the characters in Classic and All-Star mode. I did test the online portion of it and promptly got lag, so yeah, Nintendo still has some work to do on that, but otherwise, if you have a 3DS, you should probably get it.

      • Got it on the day it launched, and I haven’t played anything else since. I did try using Ike though.

        I hate his voice, I don’t give a shit for his personality, but his moves fit into my playstyle. So I use him, Robin, and Link mostly.

        Have you fought/defeated Master Core? Have you unlocked everyone?

        (not apologizing for all the questions)

        • They just tossed his memeified Brawl lines into the English one, I saw.

          They also made Lucy-goosey a total bitch compared to her Japanese self. I guess she’s closed herself off to the world ever since her daddy took a nap.

          • Not just her Japanese self, but her English-self from the game too. Maybe it’s because I have seen many of her support conversations, but in Smash she’s very arrogant and it feels out of character.

          • Yeah, even in English in FE: A she was pretty modest and all. I have a feeling what happened was a different translator/team handled her in this, and were unaware of her original context. So they figured “Oh hey, a girl with a sword not dressed like a bimbo? She must be a totally independent woman! Let’s make her some arrogant bitch.”

            Or something.


          • *Haven’t

            I meant haven’t seen many of her supports. You understood what I was saying, but the typo is bugging me so I have to put it out there.

  1. I got the new Smash Bros when it came out in Japan in September. It took about 18 hours to get boring.

    Guess you have to be the multiplayer sort. But who has time for girly things like that?

    We didn’t even write a review or anything. Sigh. Apathy.

  2. The work force is never an easy life, Wallace. It is a tough mess of degrees, a battlefield, as well as a game of chess. One man who within resides the potential of a brilliant doctor can be found on the streets. One man who has low qualifications can be found ruling the court. A successful business man can end up nowhere within seconds.

    There is a quotation from the video game (and arguably movie) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. The president of ArmsTech says, “Even if a pawn becomes a queen, it is still just a playing piece.” Indeed, a fascinating quotation. Satirical. Very accurate on modern day society. It is interesting – you can move your position but you are never guaranteed.

    We are all just play-things, in the game of Life.


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