Walters Plays Smash Bros, And Takes Your Questions


So my other site stuff should be slowing down and my work hours are starting to stabilize. Now it’s just a question of using my time properly.

So I’ll use it to answer some Smash Bros questions!

1) So how is Smash Bros for 3DS?

Fun! I mean, I think compared to the console versions I’ve played (Melee and Brawl), it feels…lacking in aspects. Or in other words, there doesn’t feel like there’s a lot of depth, even though there’s stuff to do. I.E, it definitely feels like an appetizer for the main course, which is the Wii U version in November. But hey, at least the appetizer is really good, as I keep going to it over and over and over, though not as much as I did with Brawl. I played that for days, hours, etc. I usually just set some time during the day to play about 30 minutes to an hour of Smash 3DS.

I think the other thing that has affected my enjoyment of this Smash is that I can’t get completely comfortable with the controls. But I’m getting there I guess. Otherwise, this is probably still one of the better games on the 3DS market.

2) Did you unlock all of the characters? (Asked by Strykerclaw96)

I finally unlocked Bowser Jr. on Sunday. He was the last character I didn’t have. So yeah, I have them all now. I still have some characters to try out (like I still haven’t really touched Rosalina & Luma, I tested Bowser Jr. a bit, seems fun), but now it’s more or less figuring out who I want to main more, but I’ll have to play more or something.

3) Did you notice Lucina is actually more of a ***ch in Smash than in FE:A?

I actually did not lol so when I see comments like this, this, and this, I’m like, “Am I just high or something!??” I mean, I have played Lucina before (sometimes with the volume down tho, and in an environment where I have a lot of things on and the 3DS XL sound is lower), so I guess I missed this. But lol at the Smash Team making her into someone angry that Chrom got decimated by Captain Falcon.

4) Have I fought/defeated Master Core? (Asked By Strykerclaw96)

Yes, and yes/no. I did face off against Master Core with Ike at 7.0 intensity. And I won! Then this week I tried to take him on at the highest intensity. I got destroyed lol See he’s pretty brutal at 7.0, but 9.0, he has another form that I’m just not ready to handle. So I guess in a sense I did defeat Master Core, but I still have to try and beat him at that higher level in the future.

5) Have I ever had a match on the WarioWare Stage when Ashley’s Song is playing? (Asked by Strykerclaw96)

No, because the real Ashley that comments here has prevented me from doing that somehow. (I haven’t played on the WarioWare stage often)

6) What do you think the Smash Bros Nintendo Direct on Thursday will reveal?

Aside from secret fighters, a boss battle mode or something? I dunno! I would like to get an explanation on the 3DS-Wii U thing though.


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7 thoughts on “Walters Plays Smash Bros, And Takes Your Questions

  1. It was a long time ago that I had turned on my Nintendo 64 system and inserted the Super Smash Brothers cartridge. I still remember the event as if it was yesterday – choosing Star Fox and rapidly pushing the “B” button to fire what seemed like pink beams at my opponents. Back then, I had no idea such a game would evolve to contain so many different characters from a variety of diverse backgrounds. But now, the franchise has come a long way. I have not yet enjoyed this new Super Smash Brothers game yet, but hopefully soon i shall.

    I ponder what Super Smash Brothers stands for…who are the brothers? And are they actually related or is it simply a term? Is it Mario and Luigi? It was surely a plot twist in the first game when Luigi was actually a secret character. Or is it Star Fox and Falco, unrelated by blood but brothers by heart? Or maybe even Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong; brothers in species. And what is it that they are smashing with super”ly”?

    Many video games have such strange titles. How intriguing.


  2. Yay! My questions got answered!

    Highest I’ve tried Master Core is 6.5 (because I spent all my coins so I can’t put it on 7.0).

    Have you tried changing some of the controls around? I’ve heard that helps some people.

  3. I agree that it doesn’t feel like a full Smash game. I prefer Brawl to it. But Smash Wii U will definitely be great.

    Also, I’ve only got Bowser Jr to unlock, but I’ve been holding it off for a bit (don’t know why). Lately I’ve been trying to unlock custom moves for everyone by playing through Smash Run a lot.

  4. They revealed some stuff. Yeah. More single player stuff is nice, because multiplayer is a total drag. Eight player matches? Geez.

    Anyone who hasn’t played FE:A may not play it now turned off by Lucina being a total bitch.

    Or maybe they’ll want to play it more. Huh.

    And yeah. DLC stuff. Mewtwo and Ridley fans can finally shake hands and enjoy some tea together.

    Yeah. Like that will ever happen.

    Stage builder is pretty cool. Now I can make dark and twisted maps to murder every single Nintendo character very slowly.

      • In a world where superstar characters are forced to battle each other until one of them explodes in an outset of the world, it is no wonder why Ridley wants no action in it. That is the same with Mewtwo, who wanted to be isolated instead of coming into action but was constantly provoked. Ridley fans only wanted to portray this:

        Ridley is (and wanted to remain) a pacifist, but is forced into battle when Samus attacks his homeland. It is a simple commentary on society. It is an interpretation.There is no option. He cannot run. He has to fight. Samus forced him to do it.

        What a horrible woman.


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