Random Off The Cuff Thoughts on Fire Emblem If

Fire Emblem If 4So I thought I would present to you guys a heavily researched, confident, and bold opinion on the Fire Emblem If trailer that came out in last week’s Nintendo Direct. But my time is still taken, so my thoughts are about as random and ill-presented as you’ve become accustomed to know.

So I’m just gonna roll with it. Oh well.

My First Thought Was…

This was definitely/has something to do with the Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem game.

Fire Emblem IF

For starters, play both trailers and you’ll notice the sounds are similar (until the FEif trailer goes on more):

It’s slight, but it’s there. Then of course, sure Intelligent Systems, Fire Emblem If sure wasn’t inspired by Shin Megami Tensei If eh?

The biggest thing then involves Satoru Iwata mentioning that you will be making greater choices in this version of FE than any other game in the series. Of course, making choices has always been a thing in FE, and they tried to actually incorporate this in Awakening, but it was done with little actual consequences.

…Sounds like a Shin Megami Tensei thing to me!

Now, the chances they are related is about 15%, but I feel that was the vibe it gave me as I watched the trailer.

The Second Thought Was…

…Are those lands/maps from other games in the series?!?

Fire Emblem if maps Fire Emblem if maps 2

There’s one particular picture that made me think to look up Path of Radiance maps, but, as said earlier, time not on my side. But I don’t think this was merely just random maps or places tossed in the trailer — these may have been past areas from Fire Emblem history. Slight chance of Fire Emblem history in this game, but it could be a 3DS exclusive thing.

The Third Thought Was…

It sure felt fresh!

Eastern themes heavily incorporated in design and scope. The Mouth of Truth oddly placed in this game. It definitely feels like a new chapter in the Fire Emblem series that has gone places, but not here. It seems exciting for it to go this way.

Fully fleshed thoughts on the trailer:

So yeah, I was hyped. For starters, Nintendo led off with FE as the main title to announce. That’s pretty cool. Then to see the battle system from Awakening return again only made me think about how much they can refine the system now that they know what to do. I was surprised to see some comments having little faith in the IS team improving the system, which is odd considering every iteration in the FE franchise that has had their particular system improved upon it in the next game:

FE1 < FE3

FE6 < FE7

FE9 < FE10

FE11 < FE12

I mean, it was admitted they weren’t sure about some aspects of the system (that’s why no feet), so combine that with the fact that Awakening came out three years ago in Japan, they’ve had plenty of time to refine the system to be something that’s not broken. The real question is whether or not they truly make it a FE6 < FE7 jump by adding way more variety in missions in this game.

Unlike a lot of people, I cared little about Awakening’s story. By that I mean I valued its gameplay and music over its story, but it did have shortcomings (but most FE games have them). But it seems pretty cool to get the guy who did Bloody Monday and Kindachi Case Files to write this story, which might imply some sleuthing and putting the pieces together. Needless to say, I think IS realized the story could be way better for a FE game, and I’d like to think that aspect will be fixed for this game.

Finally, still wondering if we’re gonna have another avatar player in this game. I guess we’ll have to see, but I’m mixed. We were introduced in the first FE game in the West to an avatar tactician, but never got to “play” as him/her. We then go nearly a decade until Fire Emblem 12, which never saw a release in the states, get an avatar character, and then FE13 has it come back again. Is this going to be the trend for future FE games? I don’t know about this…

Anyways, I probably would have had more thoughts (I did watch the trailer a million times) if I found time to jot down notes, but I don’t. Here’s more analysis from Vincent. Go stalk Serenes Forest like I do to pick up some more info. Otherwise, we’ll wait. Since the game’s coming out in Japan during the summer, we won’t have to wait long to find out what’s what. And that’ll get me excited.

So…what excites you guys about Fire Emblem If? Also, what are the other regions gonna name this FE? Will it be a worldwide release? Speculate on that and more in the comments!

I'll just be sitting down, lording over you ants!

I’ll just be sitting down, lording over you ants!


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