So Yes, It’s a Fire Emblem Day: SMT x FE Revealed, More Info on Fire Emblem If



I mean, two Fire Emblem inclusions in one direct?!? It’s definitely a FE day/banner moment for a franchise that’s run for so long, but now is starting to gain the awareness that possibly should have came earlier!

First, SMT x FE (which I’ll call for now until I get its real name, seen different translations of it) trailer:

Needless to say, I…was not impressed. It didn’t really seem too much FE or SMT inspired to me, though I did see Tiki in the trailer. Apparently characters like Marth and Caeda might’ve been in there, but I could barely tell, I was too overwhelmed at even dreaming of FE in its current setting. That and it looked more like the Persona series than anything else. Well, whatever the case, it’s slated to be released in the Winter time in Japan, so…we’ll get more information soonish. So I’ll reserve judgment for now.

As for the newest iteration of Fire Emblem…

Welp, it looks like this is the direction future FE’s gonna take: insert your own character and make them the story. It basically started with the best FE game in a long while that wasn’t released in the states (New Monshou no Nazo), and continued with Awakening. Now FE If.

Not that this is a bad thing, as the story and replay value can be tremendous. But I don’t know if I like this current trend.

All of that said, I am VERY excited at the two paths for this game. I am NOT excited about the 2016 release. It must be a hell of a story to translate if it’s gonna take that long.

Anyways, form your own thoughts and conjecture in the comments. I’m just gonna go disappear again.


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Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

10 thoughts on “So Yes, It’s a Fire Emblem Day: SMT x FE Revealed, More Info on Fire Emblem If

  1. Looks like the trailer calls it #FE? Anyway, it looks like SMT-ish with Fire Emblem cameos? The video spent most of the time showing flashy attacks, which was not that informative to me.

    Fire Emblem If looks interesting and I’ll probably pick it up when it gets released in the U.S.

  2. I actally wanted a new fire emblem with no avatar character at all, something with more of a Tellius feel, but I guess we´ll have to stick with the avatar trend for a while…
    and about the smtxfe i dont know how to feel about it, it just doesnt feel much like either franchise, at least in that trailer and i dont know how thats gonna work.

      • sigh, I suppose I cant deal with it if the games dont drop in quality, with all those changes they doin… Im worried about them changing the weapon system. changing the triangle mechanic doesnt worry me as long as the new one is still as deep. It´s the fact that they may take out durability from weapons that makes me nervous.

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