Thoughts on Phoenix Mode and Shouzou Kaga’s Return To Gaming

As in, at least a paragraph length. I don’t think I can do the whole lengthy feature at this time, though I’m slowly managing my time better, so I’m targeting the middle of June where I’ll be more consistent in Fire Emblem content.

Phoenix MideOn Phoenix Mode: Phoenix Mode is the exact play on trying to get more people into a franchise that previously seemed hard-pressed to get into Fire Emblem because of its notorious difficulty. But to be awfully fair, the fact that the weapons will no longer break is more of a big thing to me than having a mode for newcomers. I feel that has so far gotten overlooked while people whine about Phoenix mode. Unless that’s gonna be back in Lunatic+ (I’m expecting that will be back), it’s gonna feel weird to not have to worry about buying enough weapons to overcome how much we can use a sword or tome. I guess the actual content of the game will determine if that’s useful or not.

(Oh right, for those who don’t know: Phoenix mode is a new edition to Fire Emblem If where your characters cannot die and come back the next turn.)

Fire EmblemOn Shouzou Kaga returning to gaming: Well, somewhat. He’s following the vein of other developers and is working with a pre-made thing (SRPG Studio), and not too long ago he’s requested help on working on the project from some fans. I’m ultimately wondering if Nintendo had him on radio silence since that lawsuit since now of all these times he’s back to working on a new game, but I guess it’s neat to see him get back into it. My only question is how is he gonna make it Fire Emblem yet NOT make it Fire Emblem? I’m not even gonna get into how long it’s gonna take to make, much less how long it’ll take for it to be translated here. So for now, we wait and see what he does.

EDIT: Since VRS55 took some time to describe what’s going on with Kaga, I think you all deserve to get more insight from him/her:

Shouzou Kaga is apparently back on the video gaming scene with an announcement that he’s making a free doujin video game in SRPG Studio (developed by Sapphire Studio) with around 10 people. Kaga allegedly is in need of 2D assets and sound effects (can be free or acquired with the permission of the original authors of those assets) on the condition that the terms of service of Sapphire Soft should be followed. He apparently needs a sprite artist (though no nationality is mentioned), is currently negotiating with a ‘prominent’ character designer, and has a ‘prominent’ music credit in mind. (Source:, via translation by Serenes Forest)

Meanwhile, that Japanese blog has some interesting things that is attributed (?) to Kaga:
– He worked on the unreleased 2010 doujin game “Vestaria Chronicle 687-693″
– He had ideas about a remake of TearRing Saga with Berwick Saga’s engine title “Holmes Saga”, but never materialized
– He apparently developed a 1986 video game for the Sharp X1 Turbo computer named “Cosmic Fighter” (its existence cannot be verified at this point)

More tidbits from the “zeeksweb” blog:
– Some commentary about the blog’s author allegedly playing some online mahjong
– Some Fire Emblem fan art
– More information on Berwick Saga
– There are 24 posts in 2008 (the year that blog was established), one post in 2010, five posts in 2012, 14 posts (all in the same month) in 2014, and as of this writing nine posts in 2015.


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