Literally the Judgral chronology slayed me!

JugdralJudgral 1Judgral 2

I knew for years that, based on how I generally play Fire Emblem, and what has changed since FE4 came out, I was going to be EXTREMELY intimated by playing Genealogy of The Holy War, or Seisen no Keifu. And when I read the chronology, my first thought was, “I know it gets dark, but holy crap, this dark??!?” Then the prologue began with a longgggg story that I didn’t register because I knew from the get go I was not ready to play the game. I was just gonna go check it out, play with it a bit, and call it a day. Once actual action happened, I was scared to bring Sigurd into attacking anyone. It’s only the prologue!

But yeah, the biggest reason for the intimidation, aside from it being Super Famicom graphics and limitations, is the controls actually. Using a computer is gonna take a while to get comfortable with. It was the same for Shin Monshou No Nazo, but you factor in the difficulty level (and that I can’t do math), and the size of the map, I was done.

So Fe4 boys and girls. I will take the challenge again…but I’ve been playing through the Tellius Saga, so I want to focus on that first. I beat Path of Radiance, so expect some articles on that before I get a chance to talk about its sequel, Radiant Dawn.


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  1. Whoa that’s quite the intro to a game. I collected some FE games while in Japan and I just started FE6. I have already been reminded of the whims of RNG when Roy died on me the first time already in the first battle lol.

    • Well, I did hear Roy’s not so good in FE6, so that doesn’t help. That said, from looking at videos, unless they were in Hard mode (I don’t think FE6 had one though?) the difficulty looks kind of insane.

      But I dunno, it BARELY felt like I scratched the surface of FE4. I can only imagine how I’ll feel when I sit down and play with it.

      Oh, let me know how FE6 is when you get a chance!

      • mostly because Roy’s is a forced promotion (like PoR Ike’s) but he doesn’t promote until really late into the game, although there may be some other reasons, he’s not terrible, there are just way better lord’s out there. (Marth/Alm for example)

      • also, yes FE 6 does have a hard mode, and so far… the game has been pretty easy (as I’m playing through it right now.) and the game feels kind of… familiar… let’s just say, if you played any of marth’s games… well… I’ll wait when you play it I guess…

        • Hmm…granted, never say never, but I’m not anticipating playing FE6 anytime soon. Will probably (mistakenly) jump into FE4 after beating Radiant Dawn on my second playthrough…and then beating its hard mode (with no battle save, just suspend. I have no chance)

          Oh, speaking of that, should really do some Tellius articles in the next week or so. Lots to talk about for the games in that continent.

          • Also, by familiar (if you really don’t plan on playing anytime soon.) EVERY MAP (except final) IS SEIZE… Sound Familiar? *cough, cough* Archanea series games *cough, cough* (also the game copies many things related to Marth’s first journey in character too, for example, rescues princess early on, Starts with classic character class setup (lord,Cavalier,knight,archer,jeigan.) Though generally I’m not hating the game, as I play FE more for the strategy anyway, though… I ran into an ambush spawn… killed my mage… rage quited…

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