How Are You Preparing For Fire Emblem: Fates? Week 2

Corrin using his side smash against Ganondorf, Zero Suit Samus, & LucinaSo next week’s gonna be the debut of Fire Emblem Fates in North America. I’m excited. Some of you are excited. How are we celebrating that excitement? Well, here’s how I’M celebrating that excitement…

Smash Bros

Ok, I did intend to play some FE, but things cropped up and I had to punt on that. That said, I did play smash with a FE character — That’d be Corrin, or Kamui, who you’ll get to know way more in their own game series I reckon. But so far the character’s fun, though getting used to the back air is tough.

Anyways, I attempted to beat Classic at 9.0 with Corrin. It has so far failed miserably, as it usually ends poorly when I face the sword part of Master Core. But I’ll get it done one day…I hope…

Watching some FE: Fates videos

As you probably realized, this game is coming out next week! So that means game sites are covering it. It has only led to more confusion, since some stuff that was localized ranges from ok to weird, and then there’s actual game content. It’s getting to the point where I just need it in my hands honestly.

But I haven’t watched everything, I’m trying not to spoil myself so easily. I did see Revelations before getting out of there. Was…something that’s for sure.

Anyways, hopefully I can play some more FE games this week, and a bit next week, leading up to FE: Fates, which I expect to play all day Friday…

So, how’s your preparations going?


About Walters

Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

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