Absolutely Logical Predictions For The Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct

fire-emblemThe Fire Emblem Direct is tomorrow. At 5PM EST. Focused on upcoming Fire Emblem titles.


Ok, shrieking aside, this is a pretty important direct, since it’s expected to showcase some stuff for the future. I can’t exactly know what they will share with the public, but I can guess.

But I’m actually saving my hopes for the end. Now think of this post like the Kickstarter model, but convert the money into time. That’s what I’m doing — however lengthy the direct is, that’s what will be revealed. The shortest direct of an individual game is 6 minutes (The Pokemon Sun and Moon reveal direct), the absolute longest is 39 minutes (Super Smash Bros direct April 2014). Ignoring that Smash is a crossover though, the longest non-crossover was Bayonetta 2 at 30 minutes.

So ascribing to this model, what could possibly be announced in this span of time?

The 10 minute Direct

Rewards: Information on Fire Emblem mobile, trailer of Fire Emblem Warriors.

Nintendo has confirmed that Fire Emblem mobile will be part of the presentation, and we all suspected that. This would basically take about 7-8 minutes to show off the trailer, explain its core mechanics, appeal, etc, then it’s release date. My guess would be either late February or sometime in March.

Then the end would be a conclusion of the trailer shown at the Switch Presentation, which showed Chrom. Who will he be fighting? Who will he be fighting with?

I do hope the trailer will show a few more characters. And maybe also showcase supporting characters from the Fire Emblem games.

The 15 minute direct

Rewards: A new FE game, + the stuff above

So the first two will happen, but then we’ll get a reveal of the latest FE title in the series. While it seems likely to be a Switch title, I do hope it’s a 3DS title, for dubious reasons (a send off to what brought FE back, which was the 3DS).

The 20 minute direct

Rewards: Announcing the return of the Tellius games, + Fates DLC + Corrin Amiibo + the stuff above

So far, every Fire Emblem game that’s been released in the West has been placed on the eShop….except one, and that would be the games on Nintendo home consoles. There could be a number of reasons for that, but the fact that Shadow Dragon skipped over the console games could be a sign…that this is getting an HD remake. Or a compilation. It would be the 10th anniversary of Radiant Dawn’s release in JP and North America, so it finally being brought back would be long overdue, but expected. The question is would it be updated to fill any plot holes, add some content considering you have Fire Emblem Amiibos, and also if they change the translations to reflect the original.

Oh, and also if this is going to be a Switch title. It’s 80% certain that it is, but Nintendo would be the one company to mess up and put it on the Wii U.

Other than those two, there’s still some Fates DLC that has not been announced, and there’s of course the Corrin Amiibo that has no official date yet. Would be good to announce it now.

The 25-27 minute direct

Rewards: The cipher card game + everything else

So I called the crossover. Now will one of the unlikeliest scenarios take place? The Cipher trading game’s been out in Japan for a while. But if FE is growing in popularity, wouldn’t it make sense to bring that over here as well? Even though I’m not a card playing guy, I’d totally buy it. So if this direct manages to be this long, it has to be for this, no?

The 35-40 minute direct

Rewards: An anime adaptation + Fire Emblem manga + everything above

  1. The last Fire Emblem anime was in 1996, in OVA format
  2. Nintendo’s new President, Tatsumi Kimishima, has mentioned before Nintendo’s looking to expand into other ventures, which includes anime.

It would be a nice kickoff to that plan if they begin with Fire Emblem, specifically since it’s hella rooted in that right now. Oh, and also video games being turned into anime is still a thing.

But at least the West even got an anime of Fire Emblem — there’s never been a manga release here. Maybe this direct will change that.

My Hopes/Guesses

Now that my insane predictions depending on length has been shared, my hopes/probable guesses:

+ The new FE game will either be a remake of FE6/FE7, or a remake of FE4/FE5. If it’s FE6, it will complete the cycle where we finally get to play the main character of a Fire Emblem game from Smash Bros. We got Marth’s adventure, let’s finally get Roy’s story. Also this would provide some closure for those (like me) who played FE7 but only got the tease that a larger darkness would take over Elibe.

If it’s FE4/FE5, then two things: one, we’ll finally get to play what some have considered the best FE game, with updated graphics, styles, etc. Two, this would mean FE Warriors will get some Judgral characters.

+ The mobile game will not suck dammit. It will look really good. But that said, my guess is that it will take some elements of Awakening and Fates’s online components and call it a new entry for mobile fans. As I’ve learned with Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run (or at least seeing the responses), it can only do so much on those platforms. So expecting anything crazy would be, well…crazy.

+ While I suggested all those other times, a satisfying length for me would be 25 minutes. Not too short, not too long either. Anything more would be a major bonus.

+ Also I saw this in the Serenes Forest forums — Anna has to be the one hosting this Nintendo Direct, no? Who says no? Why would you say no to Anna?

So, what do you guys hope happens in this direct? Make your predictions! Make your wild guesses!

About Walters

Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

2 thoughts on “Absolutely Logical Predictions For The Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct

  1. I’m pretty excited for this. Hyrule Warriors was one of my favorite Wii U games and while I feel the Fire Emblem aesthetic is perhaps a little less vibrant I’m still pumped to see how some of my favorite characters transition to the hack-and-slash nature of Warriors games. Particularly hopeful that they’ll do something with Pegasus Knights.

    I’m also expecting plans on the mobile game since I figure that has to be releasing in the next few months if Nintendo’s mobile plan of three games a year is to be believed. I really enjoyed Mario Run despite its flaws and I think Fire Emblem will transition well, I just hope it’s not some free-to-play thing.

    And while I feel like an anime adaptation is a pipe dream… holy crap would I be hyped! I want Nintendo to explore anime more and Fire Emblem is one of their best suited franchises for it (Kid Icarus too!).

    • Yeah, the mobile game looks a lot more interesting than I expected. I probably won’t play it long, but maybe I’ll play it long enough to tide me over until FIRE EMBLEM GAIDEN (can’t even believe that’s getting remade)

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