Looking Back at The Fire Emblem Direct Predictions Post

Fire Emblem LissaLast week, I came up with a list of predictions and then my hopes for the Fire Emblem direct. Let’s review said predictions shall we?

The length

The Fire Emblem direct ran for 19 minutes, so close enough for 20 minutes. That means based on that, the following were likely to happen:

+ Announcing the return of of the Tellius Games
+ Fates DLC
+ Corrin Amiibo
+ A new FE game
+ Information on FE Mobile, trailer of Fire Emblem Warriors.

My guesses

While I had some models to reflect on, my guesses were as followed:

+ It would be a 25 minute direct
+ The new FE game would be a remake of either FE6/7 or FE4/5
+ The mobile game would not suck, but it’d take some elements of Awakening/Fates’s online set up, and since it’s on mobile, it wouldn’t be that great.
+ Anna would have hosted the FE Direct.

What Actually Happened

1) The Direct was 19 minutes.

Fire Emblem Echoes

2) Fire Emblem got a remake, and for the 3DS. I go back to my hopes for 2017, and I was dead on right with this. I felt it would have been great to send off the 3DS with one more FE game, so putting the 15th one there makes sense. Someone at Intelligent Systems thought the same thing.

Little did anyone expect it would be a remake…of the weirdest Fire Emblem game in the series.

If there was going to be a 15th Fire Emblem game, chances are if it would come out before the year is over, it’d have to be something old, so, a remake. But Gaiden seemed the least likely. FE2 is on the same level as Zelda 2. Have you seen Zelda 2 brought back in any conceivable form? Nope, which is why expecting this FE to get brought back is pretty nuts.

This could easily be a success or backfire spectacularly for IS. The more you think about, it makes sense to follow up Fates with a Gaiden remake. Some of Fates concepts — maps, unbreakable weapons, the branching story paths — were all prominent in Gaiden, so you pair Gaiden up with one of the best gameplay systems in the franchises, that should do.

But now its gonna be subject to far more scrutiny than any other FE game, simply because it is different, it’s an old game that they have to make current, and from reading more about it from those that played it, it’s actually worse in some aspects than Fates. The big advantage is IS knows they need to fix some things, so hopefully it’ll be much improved and also make Gaiden less of an “experimental” game and more of a “refined, great” game.

2) We got ANOTHER FE game, this time for the Switch. I can’t really comment much on this one, simply because there’s little to go on. I don’t think they’ll remake a game for this, so I’m expecting it to be brand new. Will this be the game to break its medieval ties? Will it have an avatar? Will it be M for mature?

I dunno, but it’s coming in 2018. Based on their workload (they’re technically only working on one game), my guess is this will be something for Fall 2018.

3) Fire Emblem Warriors gameplay trailer. We got a trailer, but more of a trailer that I wish was shown at the Switch presentation. The only big thing was that it’s also coming to the New 3DS. I dunno how to feel about that honestly. The second is that it’s slated for a Fall 2017 release. Thought it might be a Christmas release. This may suggest they’ll have a low amount of characters (20-25? Is that a lot for a Musou?), but DLC will keep that thing going.


4) The Fire Emblem mobile LOOKS like it doesn’t suck. Completely. I’m still skeptical of playing this game on a 8×6 map, but I have to say, they went all out to make it look really polished. From the number of art in the game to the voice acting, it’s really well done. I wonder if the delay allowed this to happen, since it was supposed to come out last year. Either way, I can’t wait to play it, and then forget it exists a month or two later.

What didn’t happen

  • You do have to start wondering if the Corrin Amiibo is ever going to come out. My guess is they’re saving it for something this year, most likely Warriors. But it may be more realistic to think news on it will come either in March or April.
  • Same with the Fates DLC. There’s still some content left for that game to pump out, so them not bringing it over is kinda disappointing.

To wrap up, I look back at my hopes for 2017, and, dare I say, I may have been too conservative in my guesses? I got 3 of the 5 right. This is shaping up to be a fantastic year for FE.

Now, I’ll work on some choices for Fire Emblem Warriors! I’ll break it down by game, and then we’ll go from there.


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