I Just Don’t Get Being Salty About Fire Emblem Warriors Right Now


  1. Saying that the roster had to be locked to mostly characters from the most popular games of their respective times (Shadow Dragon, Awakening, and Fates) because Fire Emblem could potentially have “Too many sword users” or something to that effect, then revealing already seven sword wielders in the main cast you play as (the original characters, Chrom, Xander, Ryoma, Marth, and Corrin) is extremely hypocritical at the moment. This is simply careless to say when you decide to make that type of reveal that most figured out when the Switch Presentation took place in January.

    Ok, I’m mixing a bit of sarcasm and some seriousness into that diatribe. While I do think it’s much to make that type of statement, the reveal of the characters from FE are not a surprise. When E3 rolled around, I might have liked a surprise or two, but ultimately Koei Tecmo’s had to reveal how those characters you hinted at look in HD.

  2. So I’m admittedly baffled at the dismay from people in the community. Disappointment is perfectly fine, and there can be critique of the game itself and whether or not it’s being handled well. But comments like, “This game sucks” “It only uses the three worst games in the franchise” or “Not buying this game because Fates and Awakening are cancer” and many more out there a lot worse than this is pretty pathetic. There are only 7 characters revealed in this game right now.
  3. I can only think it’s just my age showing here, but, isn’t patience a good thing now? The last thing I want to do is criticize a game where we’ve seen maybe 30-40% of the build (might even be less than that), then when more information slowly tricks out it actually looks like the FE Warriors game I wanted.
  4. Anyways, it sucks that there’s this type of aggressive anger over this. How can anyone get into this franchise with this type of policing? Well, I’ll tell you this — chill out with that. I need my Genealogy of the Holy War remake damnit, and I refuse to let gatekeepers gatekeep!

…speaking of remakes I have been playing Fire Emblem Echoes. (In case the backgrounds hasn’t informed you). This is the first FE game where I’ve essentially taken my time beating the game (Normal/Classic). Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Anyways, are you still looking forward to FE Warriors? For those who do have some issues with it, can you share why?

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17 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Get Being Salty About Fire Emblem Warriors Right Now

  1. Do FE diehards really dislike Awakening and Fates that much? Don’t they realise that without the success of Awakening, the entire series would be dead right now like Advance Wars?

    I admit that I’m an FE newbie. I started on Awakening, but it was exactly because of that game which got me interested in Fire Emblem as a whole. I absolutely loved Fates and I’m very proud of successfully finishing Conquest on Lunatic. The series needs more fans and more new players, and to shoot down Awakening / Fates, the two games that reignited the popularity of FE, just seems very hypocritical in my opinion.

    • Well, some people take their hate or disappointment (either for Awakening, Birthright and Revelation’s map design, characters, or both Awakening and Fates less-than-stellar plotlines) a little too far. Some have even gone as far as to say they preferred that the franchise died with Awakening failing… it’s not wonder this fandom is slowly being considered one of the most toxic. Not only is there a split between before and after Awakening players (I’m also an Awakening noob) but parts of both sides just… hate each other… ugh.

      • I honestly found the stories for Fates and Awakening to be _OK_. I think the problem that most players have with the story, is that they are very predictable. You could see the predictable plot twist for Awakening coming more than a mile away.

        Also, some characters have poor character development outside of their support conversations. Eg. Conquest Corrin doesn’t learn to grow up, which really annoyed me — Corrin is willing to turn back on their birth family and to side with a madman like Garon, but isn’t willing to finish off Zola and Iago for the greater good?

    • There’s a decent amount that do dislike it (though I think Fates is more disliked), though whether that speaks to general opinion since I look around the subreddit and Serenes Forest, who knows. And uh, already saw some who’d prefer it dead rather than it be what it is!

      Can’t believe I let a newb finish Lunatic CQ…I’m gonna go destroy myself for this shame!!! In all seriousness, I’m always glad to see new fans pick up the games. Prior to Awakening I’ve definitely believed that as much as I loved the series, I could totally see why it’d alienate others from trying the games out. And I do understand some of the concerns as a veteran player myself of the direction of the franchise at times.

      But I don’t see it as being something that should cause such a divide. That’s why it sucks to see. Yeah practically every fandom can be toxic, but I don’t think the FE community should be this toxic from what I’ve seen.

  2. Honestly, while the roster has me a little bummed… I still think the game looks so fun. Unlike Fates, which I was hyped for the story (which ended up with me being deeply disappointed and kinda resenting it a bit), I’m excited for the gameplay. A similar thing happened with Echoes, where I kinda knew what I was getting with the gameplay and was excited because of it. Echoes, of course, pleasantly surprised with the storyline. Warriors looks so fun, not only that, but if you’ve played any warriors game before… you kinda already know what you’re getting. XD


      Ok, ok, Im’ma stop right there haha

      I mean, I basically knew Echoes’ story was gonna be pretty solid since Intelligent Systems was gonna fix it compared to Gaiden, but I think it’s been greatly aided by the voice acting. Since there’s been voice acting for Heroes and Echoes, it’s gonna be hard for me to not be disappointed if future FE’s don’t have it.


        Sorry, couldn’t resist! XD (also, kudos if you get the reference)

        Yeah, the general story of Gaiden wasn’t something I thought they were gonna mess up, but what ended up really impressing me was the original characters, as well, some of the characters (Clive comes to mind, he grows quite a bit throughout the story, becoming quite respectable). Fernand and Berkut, for example, are both very well written. Also, yeah, the voice acting is something that better return in subsequent games, since it adds so much to the story scenes already. The voice cast being very good is also a plus.

  3. I don’t have much interest in a Warriors game, in general. Like I have demoed some and it’s fun for a few hours, but I don’t see myself getting invested. So I am already pretty wait and see with any Warriors type thing. Except Suikoden Warriors (if it ever existed). I’d probably buy it just to see Suikoden characters in hi-res…

    Speaking of which, the toxicity in Fire Emblem fandom reminds me of what I see in Suikoden fandom. The series is pretty much dead, and yet the toxic elements in the fandom persist unabated. Yes, some people will rather a series be dead than continue to exist in a different form from their ideal and cannot help but make sure everyone they can reach knows this.

    • Yeah I’m not a big Warriors guy myself (like I tried a demo for Hyrule Warriors but I found it ok), but I’m definitely looking to put money into this version of Warriors when it comes out.

      I can’t even remember the last time I’ve heard of Suikoden…O.o damn what happened to it???

  4. I can sort of understand the hate, but I am sort of looking forwards to it if nintendo does it right. It sounded like from an interview with Kotaku that they are making it for the west in mind, so they will have characters from games release in the west, that kinda makes me sad. I would love to see characters from Genealogy or Roy’s tale.

    Also we only saw swords, not mages, knights, pegasus knights, archers, etc. Which they need in FE, they only had all the protagonist from the main, new western releases, which mostly all wield only swords. They did a good job on Hyrule warriors, so I think they can do a good job in FE Warriors.

    I would also like to see Genealogy remastered!!!

    • Yeah, but I’m also gonna take the approach that this is the first in the series — it’s not like the first (or even the earlier) versions of the Dynasty Warriors had a ton of characters. So just knowing it’s gonna be a good amount compared to other Warriors games is neat to me. And since there’s a lot of FE characters, we know not all of them are gonna be in it. So limiting it might make a bit of sense. Just the sword comment was definitely an issue…

      But as you suspect, it won’t just be sword users in this game! Also, I wonder if some of the sword users can wield other weapons…

      • All that you said is true and I haven’t even thought off it like that (Mainly comparing it to Dynasty Warriors). Also, It would be cool if you can have an inventory and switch to different weapons on the fly depending on the situation. They kinda of did that in hyrule warriors, having different weapon load outs, but you couldn’t change them mid-game.

        Now that I’m talking about it, there’s a lot they can do from FE and implement different things and not knowing kinda makes it more interesting. We were just shown the min, the very min. What other features do you think they could add? (of course this is all speculation).

        Also, like how toxic is the FE community. I thought i was the only one who didn’t like Awakening that much (I thought I was the only due to it’s high review scores and the praise it got), but I can’t deny that it saved a franchise and allowed new people to get into FE. I haven’t played fates, but I think people forgot that we all play games for different reasons. I know some people play FE for the gameplay, others story, or whatever. Sorry, long side tangent.

        • Yeah, while they may have limited what games to use, there’s a bunch of things they could do for this game that can be pretty creative (and difficult!). Like I heard they’re gonna add the Arena (mostly a FE staple), there’s gonna be pair up, hmm…

          Welp, I hear they could show something new this week, whether it’s a video or a new feature https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/72830-new-infotrailer-coming-this-week/

          Seems unnecessarily toxic to me, but I guess compared to maybe others, can’t say for sure. I hear the Sonic fandom is worse, but haven’t played a new one in a long while.

          And yeah, I’m very much into gameplay, which is why Radiant Dawn and Awakening are my favorites (though Fates fixes and improves upon the gameplay of Awakening, I didn’t put nearly as much hours into it. Still a lot tho). The stories in those games however…

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