Fire Emblem Warriors: Awakening Trailer Thoughts

(Included the Japanese Trailer because I’m nice)

Guess I’m back with some thoughts on Fire Emblem Warriors! Specifically, the trailer they released for Japan Expo in France over the weekend.

  • I know even when Fire Emblem Awakening came out the Lucina is Masked Marth connection was prevalent, but the past few games — Fates, Heroes, and Smash — REALLY let it be known who’s beneath the mask. I shouldn’t be surprised Warriors is doing the same thing. And Awakening did, in fact, come out in 2013. Still, think just Masked Marth’s appearance would’ve been enough to signify that, as expected, Lucina is also in this game. Maybe I should just accept this is like all the superhero/heroine comics, basically.
  • I think the dub for this game will be fine. Of course, two trailers haven’t exactly been a great showcase, but to me it looks like the cutscenes are taken out of context, though it does sounds better in Japanese. You can also see that the lips are moving in the JP trailer as well, so personally I think it’s a case where for these story trailers they thought it would look cool this way. When the game comes out sometime this year it should be much better.
  • I think graphically this is step up from the E3 trailer, or is it just me?
  • As for the characters chosen, none of this is surprising. The only surprises you could say is for Lissa, but understanding the backstory of Dynasty Warriors games and the fact that Lissa does wield an axe in Awakening when she reaches her second class, it would’ve been perfectly acceptable to riot at Koei Tecmo’s building and maybe consider burning down the office if she didn’t. After, you know, they finish the game. The other surprise is which Robin were they gonna go with, and my first thought was, “They’re gonna go with the one that has an Amiibo.” So, I can’t get upset at this. Honest.
  • It probably helps that the presentation was solid as well. It also brings up more questions — wait a minute, did the Shephards meet the Twins before meeting Robin? Masked Marth’s gonna be a boss again? Between that and seeing places like Arena Ferox get a graphical upgrade really made me enjoy the trailer.
  • Also, can’t beat that Fire Emblem Theme~
  • Think the only thing I wonder is how weapons are gonna be used — since there’s a weapons triangle exactly how big will the difference be? Can you switch weapons? How many weapons can a unit have?
  • Now we’re gonna get into real predictions territory — as it stands, the roster sits at 11 (for now not sure if Darius is confirmed playable). Who else is gonna come from the Fates’ side? The Awakening side? Though next should be Shadow Dragon. I would think if so, Caeda, Draug, Tiki, and maybe Jagen from Marth’s side? While I’m debating whether the original red and green cavs (Cain and Abel) will make it, I’d like to think Koei wouldn’t miss the opportunity to pit an old man crushing units left and right.
  • Or maybe they’ll surprise us and showcase Alm and Celica since that’s been getting some play this month…
What are your thoughts on the Awakening Warriors trailer? Let me know! I’m gonna go think long and hard on how much I’ve been playing Heroes after beating Echoes…

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4 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Warriors: Awakening Trailer Thoughts

  1. Here’s a prediction, since it’s a story trailer and mentioned the shield of flames. I think they will visit different worlds, one stone for each world, and meet the different heroes of Fire Emblem. We know that that Fates and Shadow Dragon are also in the game… SO two left than? Just a Prediction. Speaking of Fates, I wonder if you have to choose a side int here story mode. Again, another baseless prediction. That’s what I thought, but you did a better job of talking about the trailers content.

    I also can’t wait to fight “Masked Marth”, that was a cool scene. It would be funny if we could get Marth vs “Masked Marth”….

    anyways, Keep up the Good work Walters!

    • So in a way, just like Fire Emblem Heroes haha. Does look like it’s on track to do that…

      I think that would be interesting if they added the choose your side thing for Warriors. Might be more likely than you’d think actually.

  2. The devs confirmed my feared expectations that this game’s roster would end up being Awakening and Fates-centric. I really think this is a poor decision for a series with as many characters and continuities as FE.

    • Definitely more disappointed than poor honestly. As much as I’d like to see an assortment of characters from each FE game, I knew it wouldn’t be realistic for the first Warriors FE to have em all. And maybe for their story it makes sense to limit it to Shadow Dragon, Fates, and Awakening, but still think they could’ve worked with some of the history of the series.

      But that’s just me. We’ll just have to see ultimately how the game shakes out. There’s been a bunch of interviews and they keep saying it’s mostly gonna be those three games, but I’d like to think they’ll throw a bone or two with FE characters from other games. (*coughcoughAlmandCelicacoughcough*)

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