More Thoughts on Fire Emblem Heroes

By KlegsArt

Boy, it’s been a good couple of months since Fire Emblem Heroes has been released this year. So, what’s been the biggest change in the free gacha mobile game?


Team C at Intelligent Systems/DeNA convinced themselves that this game was too easy. Lunatic was too easy. And with dancer combos it was definitely easy. Welp, no more! They came up with Infernal, which is so absurdly difficult that I’m not sure the rewards are enough to make you feel that it’s worth it. That said, this totally reflects Fire Emblem in that you’ll need to find a combo or two that works in order to win. Now it’s done in mobage form!


It feels like it’s been a while, but remember, stamina in this game was 50 (if I’m not mistaken), which meant, and especially with the higher difficulty levels, you’d be wasting your energy really fast since there were maps that had 9 or more stamina costs. So what happens when you introduce Lunatic and its prohibitive costs? You increase the stamina by 99! Yet, when you add new modes like Tempest Trials, Chain Challenge, etc, and those cost around 20-23 stamina, I wonder if that’s them cheating, in a way…


Think the Arena could have used an upgrade. Yet the way it’s done now actually has made the Arena easier for me. I used to have some clean runs but there was definitely some challenges along the way that made it tough but fun. Now I’ll probably have one or two issues during an Arena run. This could be a case where I’ve gotten better units (thanks Reinhardt), or I just faced a good team controlled by computer AI (they can only do so much). But meh, the new rewards don’t seem all that great to me. Think it could be a bit more.

Despite all my snark, there has been a number of updates to Fire Emblem Heroes that are great actually. I still play it so they’re doing something right. Though if you summon bad units that also sucks. Anyways, the only other thing I hate is stat inflation, though it’s always fun to laugh at the game when you figure out a way to OHKO them anyways.

Anyways, who’s still playing the game? Who’s your best units? Recently got a Celica so I’m gonna train her up, then make my busted mage team that’s totally missing Julia…

(Also for personal reasons can’t share my ID, so don’t ask. Sorry!)

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Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

3 thoughts on “More Thoughts on Fire Emblem Heroes

  1. I personally like the game, and my luck isn’t too bad… though I haven’t been able to get Mathilda, yet… I’m not sure who my best units are, but my first 5 star was a Linde, and the rest of my team is a Celica, Marth, and Sheena…

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