VS. Berkut (in Fire Emblem Heroes)

A.K.A my strategy on beating Berkut in the Grand Hero Battle. Also cheating of course.

Second infernal I cleared, though this time I got an extra unit though instead of feathers.

Keys To Beating Berkut’s Map

  • Important thing is to have a dancer. Any dancer will do. So if you grabbed that 3* Olivia, make sure she’s at a good level so she can at least take a hit and not get doubled, and you’ll be good to go.
  • Wings of Mercy is super useful on this map. Think Escape Route can also be used, but just remember it works the reverse way.
  • Of course, you see above the team I used to clear it. The big thing for Infernal is to make sure you separate your units (hence why Palla’s useful for this map. Stahl could be as well). Also be mindful of where you place your units so you can manipulate the A.I.
  • The Red Horse Mage on this map is the one unit that was a challenge to me due to his buffs and his tome (ends cavalry units). Tried to run Horse Emblem for this, but just didn’t work for me.
  • Berkut fighting wise was disappointing. Get an axe on him and he can’t do much. His resistance being buffed (alongside his lance) makes him harder to kill with Mages but in the end his low speed is a big detriment. Still looks like a cool unit though.
  • …Starting to realize that all these GHB may not need an appropriate color distinction (Red, Green, Blue)

Anyways, what were your super strats/units for this one? Feel free to let me know while I celebrate actually clearing Infernal for a second time…

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Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

2 thoughts on “VS. Berkut (in Fire Emblem Heroes)

  1. You can also use Nino instead of Ursula to one shot the lance cavalry on the bottom, then use any dancer to move her to safety. Note that this only works if Nino is 5* and does not have -ATK for her stats, plus the dancer needs to give her a Hone Atk buff at the start.

    Camus with his own Grani Shield A Skill can neutralise the Wolf tome of the red mage, but he’s not really necessary for this map. The key is to take out the blue cavalry fast within your first turn, then the rest of the map is straightforward.

    Wings of Mercy on a dancer is nasty, I see them all the time in the Arena. One of those annoying skills that can turn an Arena matchup from winnable to unwinnable if you’re not careful.

    • Damn, would adding an ATK seal to a *5 Nino not be enough? That’s pretty tough if not. But I see your strategy… uh what was your team if you can share?

      Yes, I’ve had that happen a few times. Though it has also happened to me in the Tenth Stratum. One reason it especially happens is I don’t check to see what the opponent’s skills are. So in all those cases, I can only blame myself haha

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