AMF: Ask ME Your Fire Emblem Questions!

This is about as simple as simple could be. Simply, ask a Fire Emblem question, and I shall answer as best I can. I guess I should give you some needed knowledge before you ask

  • Chances are you’d best be asking questions pertaining to FE releases in the US. Fire Emblem 7 (GBA) to anything now and in the future.
  • You can still ask questions about past series, I just may not be able to answer some of them.

Otherwise, your questions are fair game. Now, get to asking if you have any!

2 thoughts on “AMF: Ask ME Your Fire Emblem Questions!

  1. I’m not sure if this is fair game, but I do want to ask anyway. I mean, the worst I could probably get is “No”, so nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    I’ve been reading your posts on the site and am rather curious as to what your general thoughts are on Shadow Dragon/Echoes/New Mystery of the Emblem both individually and as a trilogy storyline, along the lines of “what would you say in a review of the games”; not really if it’s a best/worst thing, but things such as “How much do you think 11/12 improved on the original FE3’s books and how much do you think Echoes improved on FE2” and “what are your thoughts on them as a storyline”, etc. etc., particularly with concern to the updated New Mystery translation patch ( that will have it’s updated Beta 3 version released soon.

    I don’t know what you’re planning to do involving Fire Emblem soon, but if nothing else, I think reviews of the “New Archanea Trilogy” and possibly even the updated translation patch are something I’d like to read. I’m curious as to your thoughts either way, even if you understandably don’t want to effort that much and just want to make some passing comments on the remakes and the upcoming revised script of the translation patch once it releases.

    I figured I might as well summon up the courage to ask that general spectrum of what your thoughts are, since the worst I could get is silence or “No, go away”.

    • Thanks for the comment Jacob, I really do appreciate it!

      I’m gonna start a bit backwards. I’m admittedly not sure what types of posts I’ll be writing regarding FE for the foreseeable future, but I’m planning to get back into writing about it this week. Gonna aim for something at least once a week and work with my real life sched. We’ll see if that’ll change, but I’m gonna stick with once a week for now.

      So this part about the remakes unfortunately reminds me that I never did write a review of Echoes. Also makes me think I probably won’t write a review on it, but, I won’t dismiss it just yet. As to your questions, I can’t really answer it. The only experience I’ve had with the older versions of the games is watching various YouTube let’s plays, and lamenting the fact Nintendo never translated those older versions into English for “REASONS”. So from a comparison standpoint I can’t really do that since I only have those and reading lots of thoughts from those that have played those older versions.

      I can say that I didn’t realize there was an updated patch, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering what’s been released officially by Nintendo in the past year (thanks to Heroes). Hell, Fire Emblem 7 FINALLY got its real English name last year lol. But I’m more than likely not gonna check it out short of me upgrading and getting a new computer…and also finding time.

      I can also say I don’t mind the storylines for each, but I should also add they’re nothing special. And well, my thoughts are incomplete since I still have yet to start Chapter 6 in Echoes.

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