The Fire Emblem Fates Review

Fire Emblem FatesFor the 14th installment of one of Nintendo’s best series, Fire Emblem, Fates made promises to the player on January 14, 2015. It kept some promises and broken others. Despite some questionable localization decisions, storytelling, and DLC transactions, there’s a ton of fun to be had with this game.

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Walters Plays Fire Emblem Fates — Chapter 1: Nohr

NohrSo yeah, I got the game. I will be attempting to blog about it because it’s not like I can stream it. The run is on Hard/Classic. I’m still not sure which path to take just yet, but I’m leaning Conquest.

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Avoiding Fire Emblem Fates Spoilers is Like Trying To Avoid Paying Your Monthly Rent

FEIt’s nearly impossible to do so, unless your landlord sucks, you got scandalous pictures, or you’re all chubby chubby. That last one’s hard to do.

Still, I’ve been reading as much about FE Fates without getting spoiled much on a lot of things, and based on what I hear, sounds about as ambitious an effort that IS has put forth since FE4 or FE10. Reading this Iwata Asks is really, really fascinating stuff too.

So, aside from the skinship stuff I’ve heard so far, I’m hyped for this addition to the Fire Emblem franchise. Maybe if we’re lucky they can sneak this in at the end of 2015, or before Christmas or something.

(Oh, and please, for those who have played the game in JP, no spoilers!)