Literally the Judgral chronology slayed me!

JugdralJudgral 1Judgral 2

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Paying Tribute To A Fire Emblem Game Never Played: Genealogy of The Holy War

Fire Emblem

Man, the internet can be dangerous, honest…

So something tells me I’ve neglected the site recently. Well, I had hoped not to go do that last week, knowing I’d have to take care of an issue, so I planned on having a FE article up. I then proceeded to see a short video of the Fire Emblem Awakening Future Past DLC, then proceeded to play Awakening instead.

So I fucked up, essentially.

But now I’m back, and, unsure of what type of FE article to write since I haven’t played Shin Monshou no Nazo just yet, I decided to write an article (and you might see two or three more of these the next few weeks) on a game that I so proudly included in the webpage title, but never played: Genealogy of The Holy War. Here’s why, despite never playing it, I respect it a lot.

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How Has The Weapons System Evolved in Fire Emblem?

Fire Emblem 2Would you believe me if I told you that past Fire Emblem games didn’t have a weapon triangle system? Well, I’m about to tell you past Fire Emblem games didn’t have a weapons system. Now, whether it was because of the limitations of the hardware or if it was something that Intelligent Systems didn’t think of until Genealogy of The Holy War, or it was because of the many challenges of Genealogy of The Holy War would’ve presented sans one (lengthy battles, more enemies, large maps, an improved support system, etc), who knows. But FE4 was the Weapon System’s debut, and it’s been in every game since then.

Let’s go talk about this feature then.

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What Unreleased Fire Emblem Would You Want To Play Today?

Shin Monshou No Nazo

All right, let me delude myself into believing I have a decent amount of readers that are checking out this blog– now under delusion, I now would like to ask you a pretty simple question: what unreleased Fire Emblem game would you want to play today? Ok, this sounds like a loaded question, so I guess I better go into detail on this.

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What Is Fire Emblem? Part III

Fire Emblem

The last installment of What Is Fire Emblem is literally going to just be me talking about…Fire Emblem. Not the game, but the actual Fire Emblem, and what they’ve have meant (or didn’t mean) in each game. After all, why call a game something if the title is not gonna be important? Well…

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The Fire Emblem Franchise

Fire Emblem 1

I said there were 13 games (Since there’s going to be more in the series, will keep this part open ended — Walters) in the Fire Emblem Series in Part I of my what is Fire Emblem post. Well, why force you to go to Wikipedia and search for each one? Without pictures? Well don’t worry, I won’t do that to you. Instead, I will provide the list for you. See how easy that is? Now, let’s get this out of the way, so all you newbies of the franchises and all you FE vets will take a grand look at the series’s history! (Credit for info is from Serenes Forest and Wikipedia.)

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