Best Gaming Moment #5: I Never Want To See Tabuu Again!

Welp, someone called the good idea police and decided it’s about time to name a few of my best gaming moments. In the interest of stalling and actually blogging about anything FE related, might as well share 5 of these moments each week. So expect these every Tuesday. They’re also going to be pretty short because…I’m stalling. This is what bloggers who stall do!…

…So, with that said, shall name my best gaming moments. Also, there’s a decent chance of spoilers.

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To Mila, To Attack, To Advance, To Hope, To Medley: Fire Emblem X Brawl

Fire Emblem X Golden Sun

Fire Emblem: Gaiden, The Sacred Stones, Fire Emblem 7, Shadow Dragon, and The Binding Blade. Why am I talking about these? Well…let’s just say there’s a perfectly good reason for that, and it all involves Brawl. We’re gonna be listening to the remixes of these tracks.

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The Side Stories To Fire Emblem

Tetris AttackFire Emblem TharjaFE anime

Obviously, a lot of coverage will go to the mainline games in the series. But…for a long standing franchise such as Fire Emblem, there’s just a bunch of stuff outside of its realm that I think I should go cover. And this shall appropriately be named, “The Side Stories to Fire Emblem.” What are those side stories? Well, I guess I shall share a few…

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