Officially Thanking Melee

Roy Vs Marth

So ok, yeah, it’s been ten billion years since Super Smash Bros. Melee came out. I mean we’re gonna have a new Smash Bros in 2015 (yeah, lol, definitely don’t expect it in 2014). I’ll make a decent attempt to go into Brawl at some point. So let’s go back in time…back to around 2001…well for me somewhere in January…and the part where I ended up meeting some blue haired dude with a sword and looked like a girl…

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The Side Stories To Fire Emblem

Tetris AttackFire Emblem TharjaFE anime

Obviously, a lot of coverage will go to the mainline games in the series. But…for a long standing franchise such as Fire Emblem, there’s just a bunch of stuff outside of its realm that I think I should go cover. And this shall appropriately be named, “The Side Stories to Fire Emblem.” What are those side stories? Well, I guess I shall share a few…

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