What is a Hardcore Gamer?

Fire Emblem RoyHey, don’t complain about me writing about stuff other than Fire Emblem, you at least get another day (or two…or three) before I write that inevitable Shadow Dragon post that explains why the game’s 10x better when you embrace killing your units.

Instead, I’ll tell you my understanding of what a Hardcore Gamer is.

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Initial Impressions of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn

Well, it seems when I brought Radiant Dawn and played it, I apparently had things to say about this game. So…let’s see…I guess this is 2007, 2008ish? (Probably 2008) I was what, maybe in high school? So it seems I had Fire Emblem passion in me at a younger age than now. So here, let me share with you what I wrote in my school notebook, and if you’ve played Radiant Dawn, you tell me what you thought of it as a whole.

…Oh, be warned, I seemed to have been pretty immature when I wrote this.

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Those Girls on Flying Horses: Pegagus Knights in Fire Emblem

There are a lot of generic units you get early in the Fire Emblem games. You may get the Cavalier, the Jeigan I mean a unit that’s already advanced a class and will turn out to be useless to you in the later chapters because their growth rates are horrible, and the archer who attacks a space away from your enemy. And then there are these units called Pegasus Knights.

Fire Emblem Pegasus KnightsOh yeah, how about them Pegasus Knights? *Somewhere out there, someone cues some horribad erotic music*

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To Mila, To Attack, To Advance, To Hope, To Medley: Fire Emblem X Brawl

Fire Emblem X Golden Sun

Fire Emblem: Gaiden, The Sacred Stones, Fire Emblem 7, Shadow Dragon, and The Binding Blade. Why am I talking about these? Well…let’s just say there’s a perfectly good reason for that, and it all involves Brawl. We’re gonna be listening to the remixes of these tracks.

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The Lords Of Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem MarthFire Emblem Sigurd Fire Emblem Seliph Fire Emblem Leif Fire Emblem Roy Fire Emblem Eliwood Fire Emblem Hector Fire Emblem Lyn Fire Emblem Eirika Fire Emblem Ephraim Fire Emblem Ike Fire Emblem Chrom Fire Emblem Lucina

So ok, looks like I’ll be making a feature of all the various classes in Fire Emblem. I’ll attempt to cover some of the traditional ones, the new ones, and some that has not been seen in forever. What are classes? Well you should know that already! They’re specialized units with certain abilities and able to wield certain weapons. But let’s get this all in detail, and also share some of the many in that specialized class. So all that said, it only makes sense for me to start with the Lord class. After all, you do play as a Lord in the games.

…Or do you?

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Some Basic Fire Emblem Awakening Advice Time!

Fire Emblem Chrom 3DS

Haha Chrom must be a n00b

So feeling a bit down on yourself when playing Fire Emblem Awakening? Well, still feel that way. Even with my generosity by sharing a few acquired Fire Emblem tips, my advice may not always work out for you, and doubly so if you play on Lunatic. Still, in doing some reading around the internet, it looks like it’s been a struggle for some out there when it comes to playing this game. My conversation with Player1 kind of reflected that while I’ve written about Awakening, I haven’t exactly given some primo advice when it came to playing this game. So let me give out some basic tips for playing Awakening. If you have played the game, feel free to also share some advice/tips below if you have any!

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