The Sounds of Fire Emblem: Game Over

Ike and MistIf you’re a long time Fire Emblem player, or even a new Fire Emblem player, lots of things are kept in your mind and are iconic.

The game over of Fire Emblem is one of them, and for those who have played it, you know how horrible you feel for letting an important character die. Let’s determine which one’s the best. Though I have my own rankings!

UPDATE: So, I had this post in drafts since Sept of last year. I thought it was instead just best to just have a list that organizes it. Maybe I’ll offer opinions on this later…

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It’s My Time To Grind: The Fire Emblem Grinding Experience

Fire Emblem Grinding Fire Emblem Grinding Fire Emblem Grinding Fire Emblem Grinding Fire Emblem Grinding Fire Emblem Grinding Fire Emblem GrindingI think we all know most RPGs have something that either entices people or drives them away: grinding. Grinding is one of the aspects of RPGs that can be a slog or can be strangely addicting, and there’s a multitude of ways to grind, which ultimately depends on the game.

So yeah, grinding in Fire Emblem is different. That’s what I’m getting at!

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Dat Merlinus: A Fire Emblem 6 and 7 Exclusive!

I just recently played Chapter 13x: The Peddler Merlinus in Fire Emblem 7. This map was slightly more difficult than I gave it credit for, and I did make one screw up (man I suck), but in the end, I beat it. But throughout this whole chapter, there was only one thing I could think of.

Why Intelligent Systems, why did you ax this guy?!?

So broken.

So broken.

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Left For Dead: Hard, Maniac, & Lunatic Modes in Fire Emblem

I was looking for something related to this post. Note the "was" part.

I was looking for something related to this post. Note the “was” part.

Tired of the static Fire Emblem modes where all you do is just try and outwit your opponents and you’re usually stronger than them in stats? Actually, you’re probably not, considering most of you just like it the way it is, and you want to keep your players alive. Well, too bad. In past FE games — or mostly the ones that never got released in the West —  there was no difficulty levels, but the game was hard anyways. Starting with the unreleased in the West Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade for the GBA, an option to make it harder surfaced…

Let’s just say since then, things have gotten a bit crazier since.

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Why In Intelligent Systems’ Name Was Lyn Created?

Fire Emblem Lyn

Created this post exclusively to post above Lyn picture. Hot

All right, quick refresher for most of you: Fire Emblem 7 was the first Western released game in the Fire Emblem franchise. It came, it brought forth fans, and the rest is history. But that was 2003. It’s now 2013, and a thought has occurred:

Why did Intelligent Systems bother to include Lyn’s story when, for all intents and purposes, it didn’t serve for much when it came to Eliwood or Hector’s story? So let’s run with a few theories or you tell me why Lyn was created!

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To Mila, To Attack, To Advance, To Hope, To Medley: Fire Emblem X Brawl

Fire Emblem X Golden Sun

Fire Emblem: Gaiden, The Sacred Stones, Fire Emblem 7, Shadow Dragon, and The Binding Blade. Why am I talking about these? Well…let’s just say there’s a perfectly good reason for that, and it all involves Brawl. We’re gonna be listening to the remixes of these tracks.

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Some of My Favorite Supports In Fire Emblem 7 (GBA)

Fire Emblem 7

One of the many reasons why Fire Emblem 7 is great, and you should have played it when it came out way back when (2003), is the ability to have your characters talk to each other. Well, more like the ability to support each other. Supporting in Fire Emblem 7 had two benefits — the ability to increase your character’s stats, and the ability to achieve different endings with certain characters if you reach A support. Now, there were a lot of supports in Fire Emblem, and no, you had a limit back then so I couldn’t pair up with everyone, but here’s a few of my favorites.

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