Fire Emblem Warriors: Awakening Trailer Thoughts

(Included the Japanese Trailer because I’m nice)

Guess I’m back with some thoughts on Fire Emblem Warriors! Specifically, the trailer they released for Japan Expo in France over the weekend.

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Time to Tip The Scales! Fire Emblem Awakening’s Robin and Lucina Join Super Smash Bros.!

Well, I guess it WAS worth it to wake up early in the morning (as I usually do). See kids, the benefits of waking up early!

Anyways, both Robin (both male and female) and Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening (the latest entry in the series) will be playable characters in Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3DS. Not surprisingly, Sakurai makes Robin look like a playable character. Also, so much for FE getting two characters only, or only a third rep. There’s now 4! So yeah, get hype! And uh, hey, if you haven’t played Awakening, go do that.

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Fire EmblemWell, actually, the site was officially born on March 18, 2013. However, the very first post was on March 25, 2013.

Man, has it been a wild ride since. And there’s only one thing to do about it: say thanks.

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Welcome To FIRRREEEE EMMMMBLEMMM! (Or The Proper Way Of Celebrating 100th Posts)

Fire EmblemAs in, there’s a general method to the madness of celebrating 100th posts. It entails of people thanking their readers for sticking around the blog, a bit of a celebration, yadayadayada. Nothing too special.

So of course, I’m not going to do that. I’m going to use this to do something new. Something that will revolutionize the way bloggers think of 100 posts.


2) Welcome new readers to FIRRREEEE EMMMMBLEMMM!

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And So, Let’s Celebrate 10 Years of Fire Emblem in The West

Fire Emblem: AwakeningYou can tell I was pretty busy since I didn’t manage to have a post about this on November 3rd. What’s so special about November 3rd you ask? Was it the day I finally came alive in this world? Did the Yankees win the World Series that year (of course not)? Didn’t Nintendo have what was considered the worst E3 of all time? Did I finally start to care about the NBA?

…Yeah, I assume the title gives it away. November 3rd, 2003 was the day Fire Emblem, a seemingly innocent from afar Japanese SRPG series, was released in the US. No it didn’t sell crazy well, but that was the day, after years of poking around for information and hoping Nintendo would bring the series over to the states, that it officially made it here. (And soon enough into my hands). That was the day I became a FE fan. And that’s kind of how’s it been since then. No, I’m not one of those super hardcore fans, and I don’t profess to be one. I just happened to be a simple dude with a desire to play all the Fire Emblem games that come out now. And I have. So, for this special occasion, I might as well talk briefly about the Fire Emblems I’ve played since it’s debut in 2003…

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Fire Emblem Awakening Has Apparently Sold Over One Million Copies

If so, this would be the first FE I believe that has sold that well. That means I have to do a reaction post and ruminate on what IS has learned from Awakening on the 3DS, and what they can do to make it better. Otherwise, glad to see a FE game doing well 🙂

My Nintendo News

fire emblem 3ds xl

Nintendo’s immensely well-received Fire Emblem Awakening has apparently shifted over one million units. This is the first time that the franchise has managed this impressive feat. Fire Emblem Awakening actually broke 1 million units sold a while ago, if digital sales are taken into account. Nintendo has previously said that 30% of the initial sales of Fire Emblem Awakening were digital. Clearly this is great news, as Nintendo stated that they may ditch the series if the game didn’t sell over 250,000 units in North America.

Thanks, N-Dub Nation

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