Fire Emblem Heroes Live Stream Incoming!

At 11:30PM EST, we are finally gonna get some news on Fire Emblem Heroes. Aside from CYL and future Grand Hero Battles, what do you expect from tonight’s stream? What do you hope? Also, after the stream is over, feel free to use this as a thread to discuss the game and what’s been added.



Impressions of Fire Emblem Heroes

As an aside, I inherently have a problem with reviewing a game that’s essentially free. Yes, you can purchase a number of things to improve the experience, but it’s essentially DLC, an add on. So actually rating it feels weird to me.

That said, I can give my initial impressions of it. It…just makes me long to play other Fire Emblem games.


Developed by a combination of DeNA, Nintendo, and Intelligent Systems, Fire Emblem Heroes is the first mobile foray for Fire Emblem, where players can acquire a cast of characters from Fire Emblem history. So far the Shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem games (Fire Emblem 1 & 3),  Elibe games (Fire Emblem 6 & 7), Awakening (Fire Emblem 13), and Fates (Fire Emblem 15) have representation in the initial rollout of the app, with more coming down the line, not only from these games, but from other games in the series.

You can sort of see that this feels far more polished than most mobile games. This might be due to the delay — it was slated to come out last year, but was pushed back by Super Mario Run. From the amount of artwork, the voice work, to some of the music, the effort is definitely there.

Whether the concept is acceptable, your mileage may vary. As it’s a popular type of game in Japan, you can see all of the concepts in this one — from stamina to getting a few amount of orbs, to having to need some luck to not only get the character you want, but at a high level, it’s almost a nuisance, but only if you choose to fall prey to what the developers want. And that’s up to you.

The big issue with Fire Emblem Heroes is the gameplay. It’s a bite sized version of console Fire Emblem. With a 8×6 grid, no dodging, or permadeath, it’s definitely a light affair. This doesn’t mean it’s not engaging, and the absurd difficulty is there. But while I was moving along the story, I became unsatisfied.

Well, in general the story is unsatisfying but for a mobile game it’s fine. But the faster I completed the maps, the more I longed to actually sit down and play a console Fire Emblem game. I think that’s going to be the draw — people who feel like there’s more to this franchise can purchase the games on various consoles. Otherwise, this is something to spend maybe 30 minutes to an hour on throughout a day.

Maybe that’s going to be enough for some.

Some Initial Thoughts on Fire Emblem Heroes

Considering I wasn’t quite so hyped about a smartphone version of Fire Emblem, what was shown in the trailer was certainly…interesting.


Coming to Google Play and Android February 2, Fire Emblem Heroes is definitely out for all the moneysss! Highlights:

  • Story: “A world with two kingdoms: the Emblian Empire, which wishes to rule all worlds, and the Askran Kingdom, which stands in its way. You are a summoner with the special ability to call upon legendary Heroes from different Fire Emblem worlds. In order to save the Kingdom of Askr from destruction, join the Order of Heroes and face a never-ending challenge.”

    This is probably the best way to integrate Fire Emblem onto mobile: be able to summon different types of characters from different FE games and fight on pretty simple maps. Not a surprise.

  • There’s a lot to digest, which includes understanding the “Weapons Triangle”, “Summoning Heroes”, Skills, etc. My guess is it’ll be way easier to understand when we can actually play it.
  • I was wondering how we would be able to interact with others, and having arena battles is definitely it. Definitely something to prep for.
  • February 2 seems super early, until you realize this was already delayed. So they might have had time to refine things and do additional artwork for the characters. It’s pretty cool to see.

What do you guys think of this mobile iteration of Fire Emblem? Does this just make you want to play FE all over again until its release next month?


Absolutely Logical Predictions For The Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct

fire-emblemThe Fire Emblem Direct is tomorrow. At 5PM EST. Focused on upcoming Fire Emblem titles.


Ok, shrieking aside, this is a pretty important direct, since it’s expected to showcase some stuff for the future. I can’t exactly know what they will share with the public, but I can guess.

But I’m actually saving my hopes for the end. Now think of this post like the Kickstarter model, but convert the money into time. That’s what I’m doing — however lengthy the direct is, that’s what will be revealed. The shortest direct of an individual game is 6 minutes (The Pokemon Sun and Moon reveal direct), the absolute longest is 39 minutes (Super Smash Bros direct April 2014). Ignoring that Smash is a crossover though, the longest non-crossover was Bayonetta 2 at 30 minutes.

So ascribing to this model, what could possibly be announced in this span of time?

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Top 5 Fire Emblem Hopes For 2017


Happy New Year! Let’s begin 2017 by wishing for dreams to come true.

Not surprisingly, 2016 for Fire Emblem had its highs (Fates selling like crazy) and lows (the localization kerfuffle that you can’t escape from). 2017 seems to not promise too much craziness, but with what is now a major franchise like Fire Emblem, there definitely will be some news that will either be warm to our hearts or…just be simply disgusting.

With that in mind, let’s begin with 5 hopes involving Fire Emblem for 2017:

That Fire Emblem Mobile will not suck

Confession: I hate mobile games. Ok, hate is too strong, but I find no reason to waste my time downloading a game to play while I’m on the go…when I have a handheld. So you can assume I’ll be playing my first mobile game this year whenever Fire Emblem mobile comes out. I can only hope it doesn’t suck. From reading up on Super Mario Run, it seems like that game’s for the crowd that really doesn’t play Mario on the consoles, and it’s $10 to get everything. Maybe it’s worth a play, and I know I can’t expect a great FE on a mobile device — I just hope it’ll at least be interesting for a month. Then I can say it doesn’t suck.

The Tellius Series returns as an HD update

With Shadow Dragon of all Fire Emblem games getting a re-release on the Wii U virtual console, it’s almost a certainty that the two remaining series yet to get a re-release, Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, will find themselves on the eShop at some point. If the rumor of Gamecube games being on the Switch is true, then it makes sense to put those two games on the Switch. If not, they should be released on the eShop for the Wii U and be HD upgraded. Short of that, the better play would be to release the Tellius Series on the Nintendo Switch as an HD upgrade. It most likely won’t happen, but I would definitely welcome it.

That Fire Emblem gets involved in another crossover

Crossovers are all the rage nowadays, so if Fire Emblem happens to get involved in another crazy crossover, it should happen. Whether it’s a fighting game, a musou game, etc.

That the Cipher card game gets released here

Honestly, this is the least likely thing to happen, but from seeing some of the cards out there on the internet (at some point I do want to write something about them), maybe it’s time to have them released officially in the U.S. Yes, I will buy them with much regret.

The 15th Fire Emblem Title should be for the 3DS

I guess there’s going to be two hopes in one paragraph, but here goes: I hope the next Fire Emblem game in the series gets announced during E3 week. Just me, but I think it would be nice to showcase it there for no real reason, aside from anticipating it for an Early 2018 release (probably Spring 2018 because localization!). If they do announce it, then my hope is that it’s for the 3DS. Eventually it will (or should) get its next iteration for the Switch. But with an established 3DS base and appeal of FE on the go, and also because I kind of want to see the system get 3 Fire Emblems, I think it’d be best to continue with its success and not worry about a Switch edition yet.