This Fire Emblem Series Music Arrangement Made Me Sick to My Stomach

…In that I couldn’t found this earlier. Holy crap, are we worthy of hearing this??? So gooddddddddddddd (Thanks Aayai for the link!, thanks Shadowofchaos for uploading it to Youtube and listing the song names and times!

[On another note, if you got cool Fire Emblem related things you want to share, email me at]

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A Challenge Has Been Issued: 5 of the Best Music From Fire Emblem Awakening

Fire Emblem

Hold me back! Hold me back!!!

In a world far, far outside of where I normally venture (I’m kidding)…

Someone had the gall, the courage, the foolishness, to leave a comment and link to a Fire Emblem Awakening post involving music, and get me to check it out. (Well it happened, but I’m not that harsh!)

Needless to say, I wasn’t going to take this lying down. Oh no way. Chris, it may not have been your fault, but you will pay for whoever deigned it fit to send me this link! How do you I make you pay?

By linking to 5 Fire Emblem Awakening tracks that are just as superior to your list! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

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