Absolutely Logical Predictions For The Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct

fire-emblemThe Fire Emblem Direct is tomorrow. At 5PM EST. Focused on upcoming Fire Emblem titles.


Ok, shrieking aside, this is a pretty important direct, since it’s expected to showcase some stuff for the future. I can’t exactly know what they will share with the public, but I can guess.

But I’m actually saving my hopes for the end. Now think of this post like the Kickstarter model, but convert the money into time. That’s what I’m doing — however lengthy the direct is, that’s what will be revealed. The shortest direct of an individual game is 6 minutes (The Pokemon Sun and Moon reveal direct), the absolute longest is 39 minutes (Super Smash Bros direct April 2014). Ignoring that Smash is a crossover though, the longest non-crossover was Bayonetta 2 at 30 minutes.

So ascribing to this model, what could possibly be announced in this span of time?

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Where In The World Is That Bastard Shouzou Kaga?

TearRing_Saga_Cover_(Back)Since I decided I wanted to write about why Fire Emblem abandoned (that’s right, ABANDONED) the N64, it only made sense to continue pushing on with one of the biggest Fire Emblem mysteries for me since I got started in Fire Emblem fandom. You see, I left off with the franchise in a pretty weird state, but as you already know, the series ended up continuing on the GBA line, and has had games for every new console since then. In other words, the franchise went back to being stable again. But the aftermath of the N64 abandonment continues, since one particular developer somehow managed to fall off the face of the Earth ever since this happened, and that person happened to be the genius who created the franchise. And yes, that genius is Shouzou Kaga.

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Why Did Fire Emblem Skip The Nintendo 64?

Note: Another one of my unfinished articles. Well, technically. I needed to find sources for a few things when I wrote it, but didn’t. Oh well. The basic gist is simple: Why did Fire Emblem skip the Nintendo 64? Share your theories below while I set the scene…


This is setting the scene. I’m good at this aren’t I?

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The Five Candidates From Fire Emblem To Join The Smash Bros. Universe

SmashSo in case you’ve been living in a rock for like, years, Super Smash Bros for the 3DS and the Wii U is coming, and Nintendo finally busted out a trailer for what should be a pretty rocking video game. So, using incomparable research (hint, none) and gutless guessing, I have chosen 5 potential candidates that have a chance of appearing in this game. At some point (sooner rather than later), I will make a prediction on what Fire Emblem characters, stages, potential music remixes, and everything else might possibly be in both games. For now, let’s just have fun and figure out who will represent the 4th generation Smash Bros. game!

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