Absolutely Logical Predictions For The Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct

fire-emblemThe Fire Emblem Direct is tomorrow. At 5PM EST. Focused on upcoming Fire Emblem titles.


Ok, shrieking aside, this is a pretty important direct, since it’s expected to showcase some stuff for the future. I can’t exactly know what they will share with the public, but I can guess.

But I’m actually saving my hopes for the end. Now think of this post like the Kickstarter model, but convert the money into time. That’s what I’m doing — however lengthy the direct is, that’s what will be revealed. The shortest direct of an individual game is 6 minutes (The Pokemon Sun and Moon reveal direct), the absolute longest is 39 minutes (Super Smash Bros direct April 2014). Ignoring that Smash is a crossover though, the longest non-crossover was Bayonetta 2 at 30 minutes.

So ascribing to this model, what could possibly be announced in this span of time?

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The Five Candidates From Fire Emblem To Join The Smash Bros. Universe

SmashSo in case you’ve been living in a rock for like, years, Super Smash Bros for the 3DS and the Wii U is coming, and Nintendo finally busted out a trailer for what should be a pretty rocking video game. So, using incomparable research (hint, none) and gutless guessing, I have chosen 5 potential candidates that have a chance of appearing in this game. At some point (sooner rather than later), I will make a prediction on what Fire Emblem characters, stages, potential music remixes, and everything else might possibly be in both games. For now, let’s just have fun and figure out who will represent the 4th generation Smash Bros. game!

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Teh Bonux Pox The Bonus Box Feature in Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire Emblem Awakening

Time for a regression to the mean. Ok maybe not so much. I legitimately want to write about as many things about Fire Emblem: Awakening as possible (note: I also want to write about the small things in the Fire Emblem franchise as well). However, this may not be quite as small as least suspected. You see, Awakening has a feature that I think some people playing don’t know about it. I’ll tell you this: I didn’t even know about it and I had 2/3 of the way to go in the main quest until I found out about…the Bonus Box.

What is the Bonus Box?

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Fire Emblem Fans, Things You Probably Want To Know About Shin Megami Tensei

Shin Megami Tensei

Well, I did claim that I would not be writing any more about the Shin Megami Tensei series since I lack any knowledge about the franchise unless I met someone who does know just what they’re talking about. Well guess what, I found someone who does! Aayai knows a bunch about the franchise, so this is your chance, especially those who’ve been playing Fire Emblem but know nothing about SMT like me, to know just what this series is all about. Feel free to also ask any more questions about the series that Aayai just might be able to answer below. I got things started by asking her some questions about the franchise.

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Some Basic Fire Emblem Awakening Advice Time!

Fire Emblem Chrom 3DS

Haha Chrom must be a n00b

So feeling a bit down on yourself when playing Fire Emblem Awakening? Well, still feel that way. Even with my generosity by sharing a few acquired Fire Emblem tips, my advice may not always work out for you, and doubly so if you play on Lunatic. Still, in doing some reading around the internet, it looks like it’s been a struggle for some out there when it comes to playing this game. My conversation with Player1 kind of reflected that while I’ve written about Awakening, I haven’t exactly given some primo advice when it came to playing this game. So let me give out some basic tips for playing Awakening. If you have played the game, feel free to also share some advice/tips below if you have any!

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