Here’s Some Ways To Deal With Fire Emblem Echoes

Fire Emblem EchoesFrom being weary of using Mages to missing characters, I’ve seen a number of people playing Fire Emblem Echoes and making a few mistakes! Let’s fix that problem by sharing some advice based on what I’ve picked up throughout the game.

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Fire Emblem Warriors Extended Trailer Revealed, Also Coming to New 3DS

So when it was revealed last week that Fire Emblem Warriors was a thing, we got a very small teaser. This was a bit more than that, as it showed Chrom fighting off enemies and man does it feel weird for FE to be this type of 3D.

But anyways, the two biggest surprises is that it’s gonna be coming out sometime in the Fall, and there’s gonna be a New 3Ds version of this. I dunno about the 3Ds version, but I guess it makes sense. People still have that, no?

Look out for some roster predictions in the near future.



And So, Let’s Celebrate 10 Years of Fire Emblem in The West

Fire Emblem: AwakeningYou can tell I was pretty busy since I didn’t manage to have a post about this on November 3rd. What’s so special about November 3rd you ask? Was it the day I finally came alive in this world? Did the Yankees win the World Series that year (of course not)? Didn’t Nintendo have what was considered the worst E3 of all time? Did I finally start to care about the NBA?

…Yeah, I assume the title gives it away. November 3rd, 2003 was the day Fire Emblem, a seemingly innocent from afar Japanese SRPG series, was released in the US. No it didn’t sell crazy well, but that was the day, after years of poking around for information and hoping Nintendo would bring the series over to the states, that it officially made it here. (And soon enough into my hands). That was the day I became a FE fan. And that’s kind of how’s it been since then. No, I’m not one of those super hardcore fans, and I don’t profess to be one. I just happened to be a simple dude with a desire to play all the Fire Emblem games that come out now. And I have. So, for this special occasion, I might as well talk briefly about the Fire Emblems I’ve played since it’s debut in 2003…

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Where In The World Is That Bastard Shouzou Kaga?

TearRing_Saga_Cover_(Back)Since I decided I wanted to write about why Fire Emblem abandoned (that’s right, ABANDONED) the N64, it only made sense to continue pushing on with one of the biggest Fire Emblem mysteries for me since I got started in Fire Emblem fandom. You see, I left off with the franchise in a pretty weird state, but as you already know, the series ended up continuing on the GBA line, and has had games for every new console since then. In other words, the franchise went back to being stable again. But the aftermath of the N64 abandonment continues, since one particular developer somehow managed to fall off the face of the Earth ever since this happened, and that person happened to be the genius who created the franchise. And yes, that genius is Shouzou Kaga.

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Breaking Out The Champagne For My 100th Subscription

ChampagneFire Emblem Greil Mercenaries

Thanks to the author of Disingenuous Assertions, FIRRREEEE EMMMMBLEMMM, a blog that officially got started in April, has finally reached 100 Subscriptions.

That means it’s time for those 21 and over (drinking age in the US) to join my epic champagne party and I leave with a challenge that I hope people can work on…and yes, it totally involves Fire Emblem!

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Why In Intelligent Systems’ Name Was Lyn Created?

Fire Emblem Lyn

Created this post exclusively to post above Lyn picture. Hot

All right, quick refresher for most of you: Fire Emblem 7 was the first Western released game in the Fire Emblem franchise. It came, it brought forth fans, and the rest is history. But that was 2003. It’s now 2013, and a thought has occurred:

Why did Intelligent Systems bother to include Lyn’s story when, for all intents and purposes, it didn’t serve for much when it came to Eliwood or Hector’s story? So let’s run with a few theories or you tell me why Lyn was created!

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