Fire Emblem And The Legend of Its Arena

Well this picture is more appropriate than least suspected.

Well this picture is more appropriate than least suspected.

…So yeah, I completely forgot that E3 is next week. So I’ll try and whip up epic Fire Emblem predictions and maybe some game predictions.

But today, the arena! The arena is probably most unfamiliar to those who’ve played Awakening. But let’s just say aside from a few games in the series, it’s been a FE staple.

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Fire EmblemWell, actually, the site was officially born on March 18, 2013. However, the very first post was on March 25, 2013.

Man, has it been a wild ride since. And there’s only one thing to do about it: say thanks.

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In Shadow Dragon, Death is Your Strategy

In Shadow Dragon, Death is Your StrategyPrior to Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, the Fire Emblem games that came out before it — Fire Emblem GBA, The Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance, and Radiant Dawn — had characters with basic personalities that in a wartime setting and the idea that you can’t bring them back into battle made you care enough about them that you had to keep them alive. Even if it was someone like Fiona.


I’m guessing this was also the case in prior Fire Emblem games, or the ones stuck in the Land of the Rising Sun. You know, Gaiden, Genealogy of The Holy War, Thracia 776, and The Binding Blade. Heck, even Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Tsurugi and Monshou no Nazo valued the idea of saving your characters, even if it wasn’t as fully released as the games after those two.

Shadow Dragon teaches you death is a legitimate strategy, and fuck keeping your characters alive, in the prologue.

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How Has The Weapons System Evolved in Fire Emblem?

Fire Emblem 2Would you believe me if I told you that past Fire Emblem games didn’t have a weapon triangle system? Well, I’m about to tell you past Fire Emblem games didn’t have a weapons system. Now, whether it was because of the limitations of the hardware or if it was something that Intelligent Systems didn’t think of until Genealogy of The Holy War, or it was because of the many challenges of Genealogy of The Holy War would’ve presented sans one (lengthy battles, more enemies, large maps, an improved support system, etc), who knows. But FE4 was the Weapon System’s debut, and it’s been in every game since then.

Let’s go talk about this feature then.

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Why Did Fire Emblem Skip The Nintendo 64?

Note: Another one of my unfinished articles. Well, technically. I needed to find sources for a few things when I wrote it, but didn’t. Oh well. The basic gist is simple: Why did Fire Emblem skip the Nintendo 64? Share your theories below while I set the scene…


This is setting the scene. I’m good at this aren’t I?

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Teh Bonux Pox The Bonus Box Feature in Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire Emblem Awakening

Time for a regression to the mean. Ok maybe not so much. I legitimately want to write about as many things about Fire Emblem: Awakening as possible (note: I also want to write about the small things in the Fire Emblem franchise as well). However, this may not be quite as small as least suspected. You see, Awakening has a feature that I think some people playing don’t know about it. I’ll tell you this: I didn’t even know about it and I had 2/3 of the way to go in the main quest until I found out about…the Bonus Box.

What is the Bonus Box?

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