Absolutely Logical Predictions For The Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct

fire-emblemThe Fire Emblem Direct is tomorrow. At 5PM EST. Focused on upcoming Fire Emblem titles.


Ok, shrieking aside, this is a pretty important direct, since it’s expected to showcase some stuff for the future. I can’t exactly know what they will share with the public, but I can guess.

But I’m actually saving my hopes for the end. Now think of this post like the Kickstarter model, but convert the money into time. That’s what I’m doing — however lengthy the direct is, that’s what will be revealed. The shortest direct of an individual game is 6 minutes (The Pokemon Sun and Moon reveal direct), the absolute longest is 39 minutes (Super Smash Bros direct April 2014). Ignoring that Smash is a crossover though, the longest non-crossover was Bayonetta 2 at 30 minutes.

So ascribing to this model, what could possibly be announced in this span of time?

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Codename: S.T.E.A.M Has Marth Speak English, Sullies Fire Emblem Franchise

Of course, aside from that one megaton news in the Nintendo Direct, there was another trailer involving Fire Emblem that involved another game.

And no, it wasn’t SMT x FE.

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Fire Emblem…As an Anime?

Fire Emblem animeWhen I set out and started this blog, one of my goals was to cover as many Fire Emblem related things as humanly possible, and well, even cover all the small things that came out that relates to the franchise. So of course, my initial reaction to learning there was a Fire Emblem anime — or more specifically, it’s called an Original Video Animation (OVA) — was not a surprise. The only real surprise was that it was only two episodes.

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Officially Thanking Melee

Roy Vs Marth

So ok, yeah, it’s been ten billion years since Super Smash Bros. Melee came out. I mean we’re gonna have a new Smash Bros in 2015 (yeah, lol, definitely don’t expect it in 2014). I’ll make a decent attempt to go into Brawl at some point. So let’s go back in time…back to around 2001…well for me somewhere in January…and the part where I ended up meeting some blue haired dude with a sword and looked like a girl…

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