The Fire Emblem Fates Review

Fire Emblem FatesFor the 14th installment of one of Nintendo’s best series, Fire Emblem, Fates made promises to the player on January 14, 2015. It kept some promises and broken others. Despite some questionable localization decisions, storytelling, and DLC transactions, there’s a ton of fun to be had with this game.

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So, I Guess I’m Gonna Be On Another Hiatus Thanks to…

…Shin Megami Tensei IV.

Well, if anything, my hiatus will probably not last long as I’ll try and crank out a first impressions post this week. I have little idea what I’m about to get into, but at least now I can prepare for the SMT x FE crossover that I still expect to come next year. I wonder if I’ll like this game though…

Anyways, I’ll try and write some stuff about this game, my progress, etc. Might even try and tie it into FE somehow. But I’ll see. For now, time to game!

Fire Emblem And The Legend of Its Arena

Well this picture is more appropriate than least suspected.

Well this picture is more appropriate than least suspected.

…So yeah, I completely forgot that E3 is next week. So I’ll try and whip up epic Fire Emblem predictions and maybe some game predictions.

But today, the arena! The arena is probably most unfamiliar to those who’ve played Awakening. But let’s just say aside from a few games in the series, it’s been a FE staple.

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Fire EmblemWell, actually, the site was officially born on March 18, 2013. However, the very first post was on March 25, 2013.

Man, has it been a wild ride since. And there’s only one thing to do about it: say thanks.

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Monthly General Fire Emblem News #3

Fire Emblem

Sure, why not summon forth Radiant Dawn characters?

So, apparently playing Shadow Dragon by having characters die is a lot more fun than trying to get them to survive. Only this Fire Emblem would be so different from all the other FE’s.

Anyways, despite no word on Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, there’s some Fire Emblem related stuff out there for you to know. So time to share!

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In Shadow Dragon, Death is Your Strategy

In Shadow Dragon, Death is Your StrategyPrior to Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, the Fire Emblem games that came out before it — Fire Emblem GBA, The Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance, and Radiant Dawn — had characters with basic personalities that in a wartime setting and the idea that you can’t bring them back into battle made you care enough about them that you had to keep them alive. Even if it was someone like Fiona.


I’m guessing this was also the case in prior Fire Emblem games, or the ones stuck in the Land of the Rising Sun. You know, Gaiden, Genealogy of The Holy War, Thracia 776, and The Binding Blade. Heck, even Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Tsurugi and Monshou no Nazo valued the idea of saving your characters, even if it wasn’t as fully released as the games after those two.

Shadow Dragon teaches you death is a legitimate strategy, and fuck keeping your characters alive, in the prologue.

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