Theory: There’s Going To Be A Fire Emblem Direct

So on Thursday November 8, the Nintendo Direct happened. A bunch of stuff was talked about, and the end PROBABLY made people happy. Lots of people:

However, one title was mysteriously missing from the showing: That’d be Fire Emblem for the Switch. Continue reading

I Love Fire Emblem

I’ve watched the American and Japanese versions of this video so many times I’ve lost count. I probably should’ve been doing something more important, but I ended up watching this video of a character in a game that’s not even out yet in the West.

I still love Fire Emblem after all.

I still remember when no one talked about this series because it was too hard, tactics heavy, etc (also wasn’t marketed well). And remember it as a second tier (maybe third tier) franchise. It certainly is not third tier anymore. And while it’s popularity in Japan is a factor, it’s starting to become THAT series that people need to get invested in. It doesn’t have to be Fates — just from talking to people or surfing the next, it just gets people to look deeper into the franchise. And while I have no idea if Fates is any good (literally tried so hard to avoid spoilers, but thanks to closet FE fan Sakurai I guess not!), I’ll enjoy the ride that I never thought would happen in any lifetime.

From potentially getting phased out (like F-Zero) to being a prominent fixture for Nintendo. Beautiful.

This better get me that FE4 or Judgral remake though

Fire Emblem - Copy FE - Copy