Time to Tip The Scales! Fire Emblem Awakening’s Robin and Lucina Join Super Smash Bros.!

Well, I guess it WAS worth it to wake up early in the morning (as I usually do). See kids, the benefits of waking up early!

Anyways, both Robin (both male and female) and Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening (the latest entry in the series) will be playable characters in Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3DS. Not surprisingly, Sakurai makes Robin look like a playable character. Also, so much for FE getting two characters only, or only a third rep. There’s now 4! So yeah, get hype! And uh, hey, if you haven’t played Awakening, go do that.

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Paying Tribute To A Fire Emblem Game Never Played: Gaiden

Fire Emblem Gaiden CelicaMy knowledge of Fire Emblem: Gaiden is about as miniscule as my knowledge of what really takes place in Genealogy of The Holy War. And I heard the story and levels were kinda crap. Despite that, it’s still a game I think I’d want to play for a decent amount of reasons.

Well, aside from how different it is.

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Share What’s Gonna Happen At E3, Fire Emblem Style!

E3Oh look, it’s E3 week! That means games, games, more games, and some dumb technology will be announced and we never hear from again! People that we never see for most of the year but only see once, or twice, and that’s it! And finally, we’ll see gamers have to change their pants after hearing about an IP they’ve never heard of but it looks cool only to find out years later that it’s not worth the hype (Watchdogs, is that you?).

Whatever the case, E3 is crazy. And I’m crazy too, so it only means that I have to make predictions on what’s gonna happen. At least FE related!

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Fire Emblem And The Legend of Its Arena

Well this picture is more appropriate than least suspected.

Well this picture is more appropriate than least suspected.

…So yeah, I completely forgot that E3 is next week. So I’ll try and whip up epic Fire Emblem predictions and maybe some game predictions.

But today, the arena! The arena is probably most unfamiliar to those who’ve played Awakening. But let’s just say aside from a few games in the series, it’s been a FE staple.

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Nintendo Characters Will Fight To The Death In Fire Emblem’s Coliseum

Fire Emblem Stage Fire Emblem

Oh hey look, it’s a Fire Emblem stage!…In new Smash! And looks great in HD! Though I wonder ultimately how the stage’s gonna play out. And hey, I could have favored a stage residing at an actual game. BUT, the arena (that’s what it’s called in the US) has been a Fire Emblem staple, so it makes sense that it appears again. Anyways, what do you all think of it?

(BTW, this has actually given me an idea….)

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SAKURAI BOMB! Ike Returns To Super Smash Bros.

Ike 3(You’ll have to read these tweets to get the bomb reference. It’s a sports term of course lol)

Holy shit. So yeah, pretty much a surprise for the long holiday weekend! I admit it, I’m shocked on every level. I wasn’t actually sure Ike would be back, thinking just in terms of how many characters would be on this roster and definitely following the logic that it would just be Marth and the current FE game that’s around (though the history to say that is short though). Well, I was wrong on that. Even if I was wrong, I still expected a Fire Emblem character to be announced at E3, and it didn’t matter if it was new or not. So yeah, count me wrong on that too. Overall, I was wrong about Ike’s return in every way shape and form. Now that he is around, this probably eliminates half of the Fire Emblem cast (think Micaiah basically…and no not Sigurd, fuck you guys for thinking that and making things awkward), and probably will make Chrom, if he gets announced for this game, the Wolf of this iteration of Smash.

Also this probably ensures a Radiant Dawn stage, but I could be wrong on that. Oh well. Images after the jump.

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