Looking Back at The Fire Emblem Direct Predictions Post

Fire Emblem LissaLast week, I came up with a list of predictions and then my hopes for the Fire Emblem direct. Let’s review said predictions shall we?

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People Playing Awakening, Why Didn’t You Start on Normal?

HenryShort post today. Well, somewhat short post today. You see, I notice a problem as I venture through these internets…a lot of people are playing Awakening on Hard Mode….on their first playthrough.

To that I go: why?

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Initial Impressions of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn

Well, it seems when I brought Radiant Dawn and played it, I apparently had things to say about this game. So…let’s see…I guess this is 2007, 2008ish? (Probably 2008) I was what, maybe in high school? So it seems I had Fire Emblem passion in me at a younger age than now. So here, let me share with you what I wrote in my school notebook, and if you’ve played Radiant Dawn, you tell me what you thought of it as a whole.

…Oh, be warned, I seemed to have been pretty immature when I wrote this.

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