What’s Your Best Fire Emblem Game?


Fire Emblem

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So hey there, first time reader. Or current reader. Or long time reader!

Fire Emblem has been a wonderfully captivating franchise that has had many installments over the decades. So, this page is basically you sharing what your best Fire Emblem is. In other words, be biased as hell and tell us what Fire Emblem game you’ve played so many times you’ve lost count. It may not be the best game in the series — hell, you might have played just one game in the series — but it turns out to be the one that connected with you the most, and you just couldn’t stop playing it. So feel free to share in the comments below.

33 thoughts on “What’s Your Best Fire Emblem Game?

  1. I’ve played all the US released games and pretty much loved them all. Radiant Dawn was a ton of fun just because Ike was a bamf and seeing the story play out with the Black Knight was pretty epic. I played Awakening the most (just got through lunatic+ last night) so clearly I enjoyed that quite a bit… I feel like they fleshed out the mechanics and relationships in a very solid way. But there were no Stefan-esque wtf finds like earlier games tended to have which were kinda neat.

    I will always have a little bit of a sweet spot for the more rigorous linearity that the old games have. Testing the waters with the arena trying to gain a few levels here and there without losing a character. I also remember hearing about the requirements to get Karla in Blazing Sword from my brother like 3 missions before I got there, and jumping through ridiculous hoops to gain levels with Bartre (who I hadn’t used at all really) while trying to get to a secret shop to get an upgrade item and make everything work. I was also much younger when I played the earlier ones and didn’t really level guys appropriately so that always made the endgame rough which lead to some crazy moments.

    But that is mostly nostalgia speaking. I very much appreciate the changes that have occurred in the series. Game design choices have made the games more accessible while still leaving the option open to to play in a way that harkens back to the older games.

    Anyways, they are all pretty amazing so I’m not going to bother trying to pick one.

    • Wait a moment, I disagree with Ike being a bamf in Radiant Dawn. He was definitely that in Path of Radiance, but IS completely nerfed him in RD. He’s still strong, but I don’t like running away because some magic users have those B or A level tomes. Ike’s just a jerk 😐

      Lol when I think about it, getting Karla was not that hard. It obviously does require training Bartre well (and I remember him being good when trained well), then you just let him use a weapon with a high hit rate (or be adventurous and use a swordreaver. Yeah, like that totally won’t kill Karla), but otherwise, getting Karla wasn’t so hard…though it might have required some resetting! And yes, that actually is the one bummer for me in Awakening — no arena feature. I mean, I know it wasn’t in the console games, but still…

      Anyways, they are all pretty amazing so I’m not going to bother trying to pick one.

      No! You have to be biased as hell and pick one! You’ll make me look bad πŸ˜€

      • Perhaps he got nerfed but I still have fond memories of him standing along side the other King’s pounding people’s faces in. And yeah, Karla wasn’t a hard get if you actually had a classed up Bartre… the pain in the ass was gaining like 15 levels with someone that was useless for me and finding a class up item in the span of like 3 missions. I think the secret shop was on the other side of a castle wall that you needed to teleport somebody to or something.

        Anyways, in all honesty, I haven’t played the older game boy games recently enough to single one out or know my thoughts one way or another. I’m going to say that I like the storyline/characters of PoR and RD the best and the gameplay mechanics etc of Awakening best.


  2. If it didn’t break my wallet to get those Fire Emblem games, I’d have played more than Awakening and Sacred Stones. Not so sure about the plot of Awakening, but it’s quite an easy game to abuse and I enjoy abusing it. Also, getting tons of support convos, that’s fun too.

    • No, the plot and story compared to some other FE games is lacking, BUT it makes up for itself by providing one emotional moment that did get to me and everything else (support, battles, etc) is top stuff. That creates the fun, and the part where you start to wonder where the time went!

  3. First game: FE7
    Favorite individual story: FE7
    Favorite combined story: FE9 –> FE10
    Least favorite story: FE13
    Favorite moment(s):
    -FE6 (Final Levels)
    -FE7 (End + Secret End)
    -FE8 (Reunification, End)
    -FE9 (Day Breaks)
    -FE10 (Fighting Dawn Brigade, Pt 3 Endgame)
    -FE11 (When it finishes…)
    -FE12 (Final Prologue)
    -FE13 (Lucina confrontation (as mother)
    Most played: FE10
    Favorite gameplay: FE10
    Favorite graphics: FE10
    Favorite music: FE10
    Favorite Lord: Hector
    Favorite Enemy: Nergal
    Favorite overall character cast: FE9
    Favorite overall game: FE7

    I do not give any “best” games as these are all purely opinion!

    • Wait, but, but, this is your chance to be biased as all hell and say, “No, screw all of you, this is the best FE game, no buts about it, I don’t care what opinions you all got!” This is your moment!!! No listening of everything! Be free and admit FE10 is the best game since you’ve played it so much you have just one best game. You…you can do it xD

      • Well, you see, I take “best” to mean in terms of technically as a game and with content and such, in which this case would be Awakening. However, it is not my favorite! I played Radiant Dawn the most, but that is because it is the easiest one to replay over and over I think! But in terms of the variety of gameplay objectives combined with story and cast, FE7 beats it just slightly for that reason!

        If that makes sense.

        • Um, uh…I was clearly joking. I have the xD there for a reason, and I’m responding like a hyperactive forum user. Why couldn’t you take the hint. Would’ve been so easy πŸ˜€ But thanks for adding on of course!

  4. It’s rather difficult to place a certain game that is part of an awesome series… However Path of Radiance holds a special place in my heart (Ike <3). You ever get the feeling of awesome when you introduce a game you really like to close friends? PoR was the first game I could "call my own"; I introduced it to them instead of them introducing me to some rather awesome FE games (SS, Rekka no Ken, Shadow Dragon, etc.). Voice acting was great for an English cast (I have to agree with Radiant Dawn/Awakening on that as well). One of my major sad points with the game is the removal of supports/conversations. I really missed that. ;_;

    • Hey, hey, read the fine print:

      be biased as hell

      So whether or not it truly is the best Fire Emblem game, it is your best Fire Emblem game, and that’s all that matters! You won’t be judged!…Honest…No seriously I won’t snicker behind your back But seriously, Path of Radiance is pretty great stuff. I can’t wait to replay in a while…I do want to write about Path of Radiance eventually!

      Uh, Path of Radiance had support conversations. Radiant Dawn on the other hand…(unless you were talking about that lol)

      • Yeah, I haven’t replayed it in a while either. I think support convos were there but you could be right that in Radiant Dawn they took it out. Sad times. :c

  5. I’ve played all the Fire Emblem games and I like what kilographic did so I’ll kinda copy that then explain some of my opinions.

    First game: FE4 (emulated)
    Favorite individual story: FE4 (Stories that span generations are always awesome)
    Favorite combined story: FE9-10
    Least favorite story: FE6 (After playing FE7 thought it dumb that the dads so weak.)
    Most played: FE10/FE4 Its about equal
    Favorite gameplay: FE10 (2nd promotion classes!)
    Favorite graphics: None
    Favorite music: FE4
    Favorite Lord: Selis but Ike is a close second.
    Favorite Enemy: Yurious
    Favorite overall character cast: FE9-10
    Favorite overall game: FE4

    So yep, FE4 is the best. I love stories that play out over generations, Characters get epic, The arena system was nice. It had some quirks (Non-bloodline characters were mostly terrible) but I loved marching across the long maps and the segmented castle garrisons. It also pioneered the love/support and skill systems.

    FE10 would be my second favorite. It builds well from FE9, and nearly all the vets from that game come back as badasses. Ike is a beast, and I’m glad they made him weary of casters as a balance, but even then he typically dodges then aethers em in the face anyway. Micaiah starts off super weak, but she will come close to max hp with a item boost, max magic and usally max or close to max skill and speed. She’s top 3 casters at the end game.

    FE13 Is an honorable mention, but as with FE8 the free play tones down the enjoyment of having max characters because you can max ALL the characters whenever you want. However, with the DLC skills the stat caps get crazy high compared to any other FE (65 on some characters, even before stat bonuses.) so it can be fun to play with super OP squad. The final DLC map is made for the OP and is probly one of the hardest FE levels ever. They are DLC and cost extra though, so that keeps it from being higher in my opinion.

    • Damn you and making me wish Intelligent Systems would do the right thing and just remake FE4 for the 3DS. I reallly don’t want to emulate it (though that’s partly because as much as I liked FE12, I had a terrible time playing it on the emulator), but it does look like a game I’ll enjoy, even though it’s old.

      Man, I found Micaiah just so painful to use (aside from using one hit stuff on certain units like Thani), but maybe whenever I decide to play it again I’ll give her more of the stat-increasing items.

      The final DLC map in FE13 looks like it was a combination of everything Intelligent Systems couldn’t get away with in prior FE games and just thinking that there are heartless and inhuman souls out there that can actually challenge that map without wetting their pants.

      Sorry, I just wanted to make a lame joke. I still think the free play, even though you have to pay, is 5x better than Sacred Stones.

      • A remake is what I’m waiting on. With a translation patch the rom is still solid though.

        I’ve done FE10 at least 5 times now and after the first one Edward and Leo never got strong, so instead I make them injure enemies and have Micaiah last hit. Once she gets Thani that’s even easier if she doesn’t straight one shot the enemy.

        I’m one of those souless people I guess. The hidden challenge inside the map is one of the hardest things I’ve seen in FE. But yes, it does it a LOT better than SS does and it has the streetpass thing. I wonder how many people saw my team on their map and went “WOAH!”

        • Well, hey, I may consider you soulless, but I can also consider you at another level of gaming that I can respect. Well, generally, I always respect those who can complete a really difficult challenge πŸ˜‰

  6. So I’m guessing anyone who beat fire emblem thracia 776 as their first fire emblem is qualified to be a badass? (I hope I can use that term here). Wanted to play thracia, but can’t really go any further ’cause of the bad translation. As of now, I’ve played awakening, and playing genealogy of the holy war, sealed sword, and blazing sword, and currently blazing sword’s my favorite. Love the huge diverse maps and mission objectives. Genealogy seems to have the thing that people critized some of awakening’s maps for: big open areas with enemies just charging at you with no diverse mission objectives.

    • That is a distinct possibility in regards to someone beating Thracia as their first to be qualified as an OG!

      I think it may have been the crazy story in Genealogy that might have been the difference. But I can’t say since I haven’t played it.

  7. FE8 is my 1st FE game and FE7 is my 2nd but FE7 is more nostalgic for me because I thought it was better than FE8. Then I went back and played FE6 but found it dull. Roy is a rock, literally. Went forward with Awakening but didn’t like it as much because I do not like the unlimited reclassing. I do love the characters’ supports a lot. ^^ I also played Shadow Dragon the remake. It was okay but not super great. I only played it to understand the story. I really hated that you had to pick and sacrifice someone. I like Genealogy the most. Nuff said. I haven’t played Thracia or Mystery but I heard New Mystery is fantastic. Not very interested in Gaiden. I’ll try the PoR and RD may be sometime down the road but not any time soon.

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