Celebrating Two Anniversaries: The Blog’s and Fire Emblem

FE 22So I managed to miss my second year anniversary.

Wow. This blog’s been around for two years!??

I do apologize for not having properly celebrated the anniversary. I’ll at least apologize for that. I’ll stop bringing up the fact that yeah, work is work and you know the rest. I’ve already explained that already.

I do just want to thank those that have still stuck around. I mean, none of you had to do any of that and you’re still around. I hope to owe to you at some point by blogging more consistently so you can have a better reason to stick around. Hope y’all have been doing great these past few months.

The other anniversary that I missed was the Fire Emblem Franchise’s 25th anniversary a few days ago. 25 years? That…that is hella impressive. Of course, us Western people have only experienced 12 years of FE, but so far that’s been good enough. And based on how Nintendo has backed it these past few years, that train won’t stop anytime soon it seems!

I don’t have any special idea of on how to celebrate it. I just know that this franchise has been pretty meaningful to me. And as much as I didn’t love a few games in the franchise, I have yet to find a FE I hate. And I think it’s a testament to its gameplay, variety of characters, and sometimes cool storylines.

But mostly the gameplay.

What has stood out to you guys about the Fire Emblem series? Could be a gameplay quirk, a scene in one of the series, whatever! Whatever the case, celebrate the series by playing your favorite FE game! Or if you don’t have a favorite, go have fun on youtube watching various FE videos, especially of Genealogy of the Holy War. For obvious reasons of course!

EDIT: Proceeded to listen to this, started bawling, send help


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Fire Emblem fan. Looking out for fire of course. Has played every Fire Emblem game that's come in the West.

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